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  • Blog Post: A Competing Vision Of Action/RPG Greatness

    Nobody paying attention to PC gaming over the last year was concerned about whether Torchlight II was going to be good (it is). The question was whether it was going to compete with or even beat Diablo III at its own game. Beating Blizzard is an awfully high bar to be set before a game is even out, but... More
  • Blog Post: Check Out Torchlight II's Opening Animated Cinematic

    With a little help from Klei Entertainment, the animation team behind Shank and Shank 2, Runic Games has released the opening cinematic for Torchlight II. You can expect to see more scenes like this throughout the game, as Torchlight II will focus on story a little bit more than the original game. Runic... More
  • Blog Post: E3 2011 Hands-On Lives Up To Expectations

    Runic Games’ upcoming isometric action/RPG has a lot of expectations to live up to. My time playing the newly revealed Berserker class at E3 reassured me that Torchlight II is on its way to be just about everything its many fans want. You’ve seen Runic talk about the new races and random... More
  • Blog Post: Overworld, Dungeon Design Details

    The hack n' slash sequel has a lot more going on than a tiny mining town and a single dungeon. Torchlight II is broken up into several overworlds, connecting areas, dungeons, and towns. The wide-open overworlds are more than three times the size of the largest levels from the first game, and play... More
  • Blog Post: Runic Reveals Torchlight II Races

    Developer Runic Games has finally pulled back a little more of the curtain around its highly anticipated action/RPG sequel. The official site has a peek at some of the races in the game. Does this mean there might be a tiny bit of story to Torchlight II? Everything in Torchlight revolves around Ember... More
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