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Runic Reveals Torchlight II Races

Developer Runic Games has finally pulled back a little more of the curtain around its highly anticipated action/RPG sequel. The official site has a peek at some of the races in the game. Does this mean there might be a tiny bit of story to Torchlight II?

Everything in Torchlight revolves around Ember, a kind of crystallized magic that serves as a power source for anything imaginable. The old Estherian empire of old was built on its wondrous abilities, but collapsed as the dangers of the unstable mineral became clear. The races of Torchlight II each have a unique relationship to Ember.

The Ezrohir (pictured) are a race of souls bound permanently to suits of armor. Though they are quasi-immortal, the Ezrohir require ever-more Ember to power their suits.

The Sturmbeornen are a faction of primitive bear-men who have recently pushed into the civilized world in force. What is driving them to try to conquer the last city of the Estherians?

Dwarves in Torchlight 2 are extinct, but their corrupted dead and unrivaled machines yet defend the ancient dwarven mines and cities from invaders.

Varkolyn were a nuisance in the first game, and return to annoy players in the sequel. These weak, barbaric troglodytes lack the intellectual capacity and societal graces to create any lasting civilization.

  • It would be awful if this came out right at or after Diablo 3,hopefully this will fill the void till then.It looks very promising.
  • Any game with primitive bear-men has to be good.
  • Is TL2 going to be an actual "disc" release...or another XBLA title?
  • I'm just glad they're adding co-op. Didn't purchase the first because couldn't see myself spending time playing a game of this genre without any co-op.
  • Post kinda related, is anyone else here having a hard time choosing what XBLA game they want to get this summer? I only have enough hard drive space for one game and I'm tempted to get Section 8: Prejudice, yet I know I also want the upcoming From Dust and Hybrid. And I can't afford a bigger hard drive. Maybe I should just delete all my mass effect DLC.
  • Loved the first one. Would recommend it to anyone who loves stat-crunching, as long as they don't mind a barebones story, no memorable characters, and repetitive combat.

  • Ahhh, good ol' old Estherian empire of old oldest times... Typos aside...the dwarves from torchlight totally remind me of Morrowind/Elder Scrolls :P
  • I wouldn't want a suit of armor that constantly needs a reboot. (Iron Man...) Dwarves are crafty, construction workers, and Bear-men sound all to tempting! Torchlight 2 might be the go-to-game!
  • I like warrior bears...

  • Wow, that is some impressive artwork. I'm stoked!

  • I want to play as the Ezrohir.

  • the 1st on was very fun not quite diablo but done very well looking forward to some more torchlight