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  • Blog Post: I Went Into A Mine The Other Day

    Torchlight is a rotten hole-in-the-wall mining town famous for having a soul-corrupting substance called Ember that is valuable for some reason since it has something to do with magic. For some reason determined by the character class that you pick before you begin the game, you have come to Torchlight... More
  • Blog Post: Dungeon Crawling 101

    I just finished Torchlight a few nights ago and the 12 hours of gameplay I sunk into it has been some of the finest I've found on XBLA. Torchlight is my first venture into the dungeon crawler genre and the game eased me in gently letting make mistakes along the way. It may be a more casual take on... More
  • Blog Post: One of the best deals in pc gaming today

    Are you tired of using the typical mage? Do you wish you could carry a pistol along with your broadsword? Shoot, screw the sword! You want to dual wield! Or heck, why not just carry two soul-sucking shields and go into battle with nothing but a horde of zombies and flaming swords? However you want to... More
  • Blog Post: Torchlight: What Diablo Should Have Been

    Torchlight Torchlight is a dungeon crawler from some of the people who brought you the original Diablo. As such, the game is very similar. You click and drag the mouse to move, click on baddies to splatter them and right-click to cast your overpowered spells. Basically, it's Diablo like you always... More
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