As far as dungeon crawlers go, I found the choices lacking in the post diablo wake.  I mean, diablo was the godfather/emperor of the genre. it did everything right and who could find fault (well maybe the online issues kinda hurt).  But the pure joy of wading through countless mobs for crap loot that may or may not be worth the weight to carry it back to town was epic.

How many years has it been? Finally I have found that spark re-ignited.  Torchlight was not a game I purchased as soon as it hit shelves.  Contrary, I passed it up multiple times until I stumbled past a video online.  Could it be? Is this the game that would feed my hunger for loot collecting, and senseless slaughter? Was the leveling system something that I would pour countless hours researching? Oh, believe me friends, it was.  In addition the community added extra content. New classes (I even saw a WoW shaman class built).

The only wish I had (which is being addressed in the next iteration) would have been some sort of co-op.  The art style is beautiful even as cartoonish as it may be.  The loot changes your avatars appearance which is a big plus in my book.  The character builds are fun, no more shoe horning into a perfect build (you can, but that really takes some of the fun)

Also, the welcomed hardcore mode is killer...throw in some loot sharing storage container in town for alts.  You got yourself a winner