Are you tired of using the typical mage? Do you wish you could carry a pistol along with your broadsword? Shoot, screw the sword! You want to dual wield! Or heck, why not just carry two soul-sucking shields and go into battle with nothing but a horde of zombies and flaming swords?

However you want to approach things, you can do it in this wonderfully crafted Diablo-clone. And for the price, you'd have to be pretty crazy to not even bother trying.

What Torchlight sets out to do, it does well. That being the case, expect to feel that urge to fight "just a little longer" for that next, oh-so-special, weapon. Just when you think you have found the coolest axe this side of the necropolis, the game throws at you an even better one. While there are only three classes, you'll never feel limited in what you can or can't do. Obviously, the different classes are best at different things. However, if you want a gun-toting Vanquisher who still knows her way around a spell or two, you're more than capable of doing so.

The controls, while simple, are intuitive enough to let you hurl a fireball in one direction, send a volley of gunfire in another, all the while your recently summoned skeleton army takes care of everything else. Add in the fact that you've got a choice between three magically gifted pets from the onset, and you'll have to crank this game up to its highest difficulty for it to stand a chance against you.

No seriously. This game is easy. While the godlike feeling you get from this game is nice, with all these abilities at both you and your pet's command, things can get a little dull with regards to game play. Therefore, I'd recommend playing it at its highest difficulty even if it's your first play- through. The game still does an excellent job of making you feel completely capable to take on anything, while at the same time offering a nice challenge.

Graphically, this game is impressive as far as its own unique style goes. Torchlight manages to look current-gen while still being able to scale down for me to play on the netbook I'm typing this review on. Even then, the game still looks and runs like a champ. But the same can't be said for the sound.

The voicing was passable merely because the bad guy reminded me of someone out of Monty Python. The music, while not necessarily bad, gets old fast.

But not of that really matters thanks to the best part of this gaming- the modding community. Packed right into the game is the editor that made it. If there's anything you want to fix to your liking from the game, you can do so. If you're like me and, still after years of playing on pc, have no idea how to mod, never fear! Simply go onto their site and you'll come across hundreds, if not thousands of various mods that you can add and take out at will.

No, Torchlight isn't a very original game. But when you manage to offer such a polished experience even in a fairly established genre, you don't have to be.