Score: 7/10


The Good
Torchlight is definitely pleasing to the eye. It makes good use of a wide range of different colors, without puking rainbows everywhere.

As with any good dungeon crawler, each area is randomly generated. You can even buy scrolls to teleport you to mini-dungeons completely unrelated to the story, so there's plenty to do even after you beat the game.

The modding community is huge, and Runic Games (the developers) encourages it. There are already hundreds of mods for the game that range from new classes and new dungeons to item creation and interface addons.

The Bad
Voice acting is dreadful, as is the story. You are a generic hero in a generic camp that was set up just outside a generic demon infested cave of doom. Every dungeon is about three times as long as it should be before you start to bore of the repetitive environments.

The cartoony graphics and giant user interface subtract from the fun of click-and-smash combat, and most of your time will be spent rummaging through your tiny inventory to make space for more garbage.

Torchlight is ridiculously easy. Even on harder difficulties, killing enemies is about as challenging as kicking lemmings off a cliff.

The Salty
This game bring nothing new or innovative to dungeon crawler genre. Torchlight is Diablo 2.5 in every sense. There are scrolls, portals, abilities, talent trees, and skill distribution all identical to the first two Diablo games. The only thing that you wouldn't find in Diablo is a pet to carry your useless items back to town to be sold (they stole that idea from Dungeon Siege).

I'm torn when it comes to rating this game. There is nothing new or exciting that Torchlight brings to the dungeon crawler franchise, but it's still fun. For that I give it a 6. At the same time it is incredibly cheap; we're talking $10 for a game that could have easily been marketed for $40, for this I give it 8. Sadly, I am forced to compromise between the two.

Torchlight gets 7 Diablo clones out of 10.