If I were to rate a game purely on the potential of what it could have been, then Too Human would be an easy candidate for a 10/10. Unfortunately, this game doesn't live up to it's potential in any way, shape, or form.

I'll start with the game's only semi-bright spot, the menus (isn't that sad?). In Too Human you can customize your weapons, and armor to your heart's content. There are so many optimization options, that you will find yourself spending half your time spent in this title playing with your gear. If you enjoy this level of customization in a game, then Too Human will offer a glimmer of fun.

The other reason youw ill find yourself immersed in the gear customization screens is because the rest of the game is completely intolerable. From the story, to the maps, to the control scheme, this game had all the potential to be the most awesome game of the decade, and instead they throw it all away on a game that makes Iron Man seem polished.

The story should have been one of the most epic sagas of all time. Too Human takes the Norse Mythology of Odin, Loki, and Thor and completely recreates it. Imagine if the Norse Pantheon were actually just a technologically advanced race of humans who dedicate themselves to the protection of mankind against an evil race of robots, which are the re-imagining of Ymir, the giant in Norse Mythos whose body was made into Midgard (the home for humans).

Sounds awesome right? Well, they take this epic setting and put a story in place which fails to live up to it. You play as Baldur, one of the Norse Gods. However, they don't use any semblance of Baldr's story from the real mythos. They instead invent a tale of you being brought back to life so you can live up to "your true potential" or something like that. You then go out and start wiping out machines at the request of your superiors and... who knows how it even ends?

I couldn't even finish the game. The playability is so awful. You play through endless hallways of masses of enemies. The analog combat style (which was another glimmer of potential) was wracked with targeting problems. Without any way to replenish health, the game turns into a graveyard zerg through all of the levels. When you die, you are forced to watch a lengthy death scene, they respawn you back a few meters down the hallway, then you run back in and continue to fight all the spawns who have not changed positions or health levels since last time you saw them. Boss fights take no skill, just the patience to respawn and run back in to knock off 5% of their health at a time.

In the end, Too Human joins Two Worlds as one of the biggest wastes of my time and money ever.