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8 years of work, RUINED.......

In 1999, a game company named Silicon Knights was to suppose to release a game named Too Human...

It turns out that the game was in delay for many years because of partnership problems. Finally, in the year 2008, the year that gaming would change forever finally released Too Human. The Results: A Complete Mess!!!!!!!!! I will keep this review short, this game fails in the most important ways!!! Bad targeting, Terrible controls, and an unforgiving pain in the butthole Enemy AI!! The minute i started to play the game, It took me almost 30 minutes just to get through one battle sequence. ITS THATS HARD!! Once your character dies, your stare at the TV for a miserable 2 minutes of a Valkyrie coming in to take you to, im guessing a robotic heaven(Yes this game deals with norse mythology). My only good share for Too Human is that character models, lighting effects, enemy models, and weapon upgrades all sound great. Everything else just makes you wanna either kill yourself in the most ridiculous way, or just destroying this game with something very very veryvery very very very very very very very very massive!!!!!!!!!!!Those of you who has quit playing this game in about a few minutes, you have made the right choice. Those who think this game is amazing and has no problem playing this game til they beat it(even though the game can never be beaten without dying), you have waisted your time and life!!!!

  • Whoops i meant 8 yrs