Everyone knows that this series is due for another re-boot.  It's not that the games are bad but that they've just neglected to reinvent and add new dynamics to it's gameplay.  However, Underworld is a solid game with beautiful vistas for the beautiful Ms. Croft to explore.  The platforming is as challenging and clever as always, requiring both puzzle-solving and incredible timing to traverse some of the many dangerous locations.  Where this game lacks is where the series has always lacked: the gunplay.  While doing back flips while firing an assaut rifle at a bunch of bengal tigers sounds cool, it's actually looks incredibly sloppy and though the tigers lay dead after doing this ridiculous stunt, I'm still not sure how I killed them nor at any time was I having genuine fun while doing it (the fun I did have was from laughing at how ridiculous it was).  Gunplay is fairly limited in this one, using it in just a few levels which makes one wonder why they thought it important to include at all.  Underworld is a solid game and a tribute to where Lara has been but not to where she is going.