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Tomb Raider

Extended Walkthrough Shows Off More Tomb Raider Gameplay

Crystal Dynamics has released a new demo video of Tomb Raider, narrated by creative director Noah Hughes.

The 11-minute demo shows off a wealth of combat and mechanics which should be enough to get any action fan excited. Some nice touches include a dynamic cover system that has Lara ducking behind objects automatically when enemies are near, and the ability to create her own ziplines with a bow and arrow and some rope. It turns out Lara ain't too bad with a shotgun, either.

Tomb Raider will be available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on March 5. For more on Tomb Raider, check out this Guide to Survival video.

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  • Man, I am so excited for this game!!!!
  • Wow. That "certain moment" was one of the most horrific things I've ever seen.
  • Haven't played a single tomb raider game. My cousin had this game but I might just get into it after all. Has anyone on here like any of the tomb raiders? Is this the origins of Laura? Fill me in because I'm definitely interested in purchasing this next month with GOD of WAR. Thanks everyone
  • Man this Rambo game looks badass. It looks to play a lot like Uncharted at times but at least they got the tone of the movies right. I wonder if you are able to switch characters at any point or is this Laura gal pulling a Raiden?
  • I'm really enjoying what they made with this reboot, but i hope they keep some things from the original. I always liked the crazy puzzles. Maybe in a future game, they can also bring back the Croft Manor.

  • It's looking pretty good. Might pick it up when I've got the spare cash.

  • Awesome footage. I'm really excited to see how this will turn out. It's like Uncharted, but with a much heavier focus on strategic stealth and literal survival.

  • This game looks GREAT! I had no idea that this was gonna be so gruesome, especially that part she was riding through the water fall and crashes to that pike though the throat! that's F'd up!

  • Excellent. My favorite heroine in all of video gaming is looking better than ever. Not that Underworld and the rest of it's trilogy were bad, but given all the kvetching about the reboot, I stand solidly behind this.

  • Call me crazy, but I couldn't be less excited for this.
  • Never been much of a Tomb Raider fan but this game is looking pretty amazing.
  • Looking like a lot of fun there.

  • Its so prettyyyy

  • Looking great

  • looking awesome can't wait till the 5th

  • Eat your heart out Uncharted! The original archaeologist is back and better than ever!
  • Painful to watch someone suffer like that, so much falling, and the injuries piling up.

  • This is turning out to be way more impressive than I thought it would be; thank goodness. I do wish that we have the option to make the screen information absent though. If I shoot a guy in the head, I don't need an emblem popping up with the words "head shot.". Save that stuff for multilayer and online play; or at least make it optional.

    Also, that death was absolutely brutal. Wow...
  • WOW! That death was definitely unexpected...

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