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New Tomb Raider Screens Galore

Most games try to reboot because nobody cares about the franchise anymore. That's not the case with Crystal Dynamic's Tomb Raider. The game is taking Lara in new directions, and is using a whole new look and new gameplay.

Lara definitely is younger, and she's in trouble like never before, being battered, bloodied, and in dire straits.

Take a look at the slew of shots showing off the game in the gallery below, and for more on the game, check out our Tomb Raider Hub. Also, come back soon when we'll have more info on the title as well.

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  • This game is looking so downright gorgeous, it gives me that same feeling as when I first saw Uncharted. Game blew me away. This is doing it even more.

  • Wow this game looks amazing, TR has never been known for cutting edge graphics.  Going to be on my radar when it launches.  Haven't been excited for a TR game since 2 lol.

  • I am loving the new look of Lara, no more Abnormally large breasts and an inhumane waist line, she looks like a healthy young 21 year old, and a hot sexy one at that :)

    But this game is looking amazing, as long as it has a fully free-roaming island like I'm sure I read somewhere then I cannot wait :)

  • Such a fine looking title

  • The Tomb Raider serious has slowly slipped out of my grasp of interest after I played the first one for Play Station. I can't wait for this one though.

  • definitely getting this piece of... *ahem* game.

  • This looks gorgeous! The new Lara looks awesome and respectable! :)

  • Looking better and better.

  • uncharted with female! yes!

  • psyched for this one....on a side note...she does kinda look asian.