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New Tomb Raider Screens Galore

Most games try to reboot because nobody cares about the franchise anymore. That's not the case with Crystal Dynamic's Tomb Raider. The game is taking Lara in new directions, and is using a whole new look and new gameplay.

Lara definitely is younger, and she's in trouble like never before, being battered, bloodied, and in dire straits.

Take a look at the slew of shots showing off the game in the gallery below, and for more on the game, check out our Tomb Raider Hub. Also, come back soon when we'll have more info on the title as well.

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  • This looks fantastic. So fantastic, I find it hard to believe this is a playable game and not just some QTE fest.

  • Mod
    Idk, as good as they made her i still would rather they hadn't have changed so much. While she was half naked and she was way to busty, classic Lara is the Lara i came to associate with tomb raider. I'll still probably end up giving it a chance and buying this one though. The graphic's look stunning. :)
  • Change is good sometimes and this new Tomb Raider is looking very good. I like what i've seeing so far and can't wait to see more.

  • Impressive to say the least. As Tomb Raider has always been one of my favorite games (1 and 2 only tho lol) I have serious hopes this newest Lara can go the distance. I'll be keeping my eye on this one for sure.

  • This game looks amazing!!!! I'm so getting it when it comes 2012 :/

  • This game looks fantastic. Can't wait to see more on it. *checks the release date*

  • I've never been a big fan of the Tomb Raider games, other than the fact that I find Lara Craft extremely attractive (who the hell doesn't :P )... However, this looks very promising, the graphics have been overhauled greatly since the previous game. Also, I love how Lara doesnt appear as a compeltely invulnerable demigod, but instead she appears severely wounded and somewhat fearful...

  • I really cannot wait to play this game, this just might be a 1st time pre order for me. Fall '12 hurry up! Hopefully Ghost Recon will keep me busy while I wait, that is if it doesn't get pushed back a year (again).

  • WOOW look awesome!!!!!!! I'd like to see the monsters and Lara fighting.

  • Man I'm really digging her new look.

  • This game looks sick. I can't wait to play it.

  • nice! at least shes not alone

  • She looked better on the cover..... in game she looks almost asian

  • while a reboot like this isnt exactly the most original idea, square and crystal dynamics look like theyre doing a lot more than just a reboot. im really excited to see the final product and get a glimpse of some gameplay, but so far, this looks incredible.

  • Woot!  New desktop background!

  • Tag the PS3 and PC, too. You had me worried for a sec.

  • I'm definitely interested in this game although not quite sure if I'd be willing to buy it when it first comes out.

  • Amazinggggggggggg.

  • I'm so anxious to play this hot chick's game!!

  • Lara looks sexy as always, haha.

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