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  • Blog Post: Breathtaking

    I remember playing the original Tomb Raider on PlayStation back in the late 90's and being completely fascinated by it. The exploration and sense of discovery was something very new to me at that young age as I had never played anything quite like it. Adventuring through long-forgotten ruins and... More
  • Blog Post: A Poor Man's Platformer

    I'm a year late but thanks to PS+ I managed to play and beat this supposed gem...and I am disappointed. Tomb Raider is a good game for sure with a pretty decent campaign that does a good job of getting rid of the eye candy association with the games and makes Lara more vulnerable (for some overly... More
  • Blog Post: Lara Reborn

    Lara Croft is possibly the most well-known female videogame protagonist in the world, having appeared onto the action-adventure scene a full decade before Nathan Drake. With appearances in multiple games across various platforms, her characterization and the quality of the games has always been a bit... More
  • Blog Post: Best Tomb Raider game...ever....

    Once in a time long, long ago in a place far, far away....(ok so it wasn't that far from where I live now) I remember playing the original Tomb Raider, in all its "glory." Clunky controls, Irritating puzzles, and repeatedly falling to my death because "someone" didn't wanna... More
  • Blog Post: Tomb Raider - Welcome Back, Lara

    Lara Croft may be one of gaming's most influential female protagonists, but even her dual pistols and snappy dialogue weren't enough to save her from the impeding staleness the series has experienced in recent titles. Yes, it's time for a reboot. Reboots are sort of a wild card in the gaming... More
  • Blog Post: What can I say other than I loved this game!!! ^_^

    After the PSP and XBOX 360 versions started coming out we were all waiting for the series to come into it's own.... I can honestly say that with the scale of the island, the ability to truly climb and move through levels as you see it, the amazing cover mechanic and gunplay that give you moments... More
  • Blog Post: Proving That Not All Reboots Are Just Cash Ins

    When I first heard they were rebooting the Tomb Raider franchise I remember feeling excited but I slightly cringed initially as well. Tomb Raider holds a very special place amongst gaming nostalgia for me, Tomb Raider 2 was the first game I got for my PS1, way back in the day. In fact the first thing... More
  • Blog Post: A stunning example in a reboot getting it right

    Normal 0 false false false EN-US JA X-NONE Back in 1996, the original Tomb Raider was released for the Sega Saturn and introduced the world to a game it had never seen before. It showed us a 3D world filled with dangers and traps around every corner where we could pull off acrobatic maneuvers and stylish... More
  • Blog Post: Tomb Raider - A Triumphant Return to Form

    There have been numerous discussions over the past few months, regarding whether a game featuring a female protagonist can find success. Crystal Dynamics took a bold chance in rebooting Tomb Raider, and in focusing the story on the events of her life before the exploits that made her a gaming icon, they've... More
  • Blog Post: Reclaiming Glory

    In my opinion Tomb Raider was a game that helped shape the action-adventure genre. Specifically the certain mix of treasure hunting, puzzle solving and shoot-em up action. The franchise may have lost some of their fans along the way and also gotten into a niche of providing the same type of story game... More
  • Blog Post: Tomb Raider - Review

    I’ll admit I was never a big fan of the original Tomb Raider . I enjoyed it when I was younger, but as the years progressed I realized how wonky the controls are and how truly bad the camera is. But one aspect of the game has withstood the test of time: the persona of Lara Croft. I never viewed... More
  • Blog Post: Great Game

    I thought this game was a lot of fun. Anyone that likes Uncharted or Assassin's Creed would most likely enjoy this as well. The game looks great and the weapon and skill upgrades are a lot of fun to get and use. Lara's story is excellent and intriguing, but the other character's stories aren't... More
  • Blog Post: How a Reboot Should be Done!

    Reboot… that dreaded word causes many gamers to cringe. We don’t always take kindly to the retooling of some of the most popular games of our childhoods. Companies hoping to make a quick buck off of our nostalgia for the games of yesteryear though seem to believe they can put out a half... More
  • Blog Post: One of the best games of the year.

    Although I never got into it, Tomb Raider was one of Playstations best exclusives back in the day. I don't really remember much...other than being killed by a tiger due to awkward control schemes which ultimately turned me off. So I'm going to be honest, I'm not sure what makes this franchise... More
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