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  • Blog Post: Breathtaking

    I remember playing the original Tomb Raider on PlayStation back in the late 90's and being completely fascinated by it. The exploration and sense of discovery was something very new to me at that young age as I had never played anything quite like it. Adventuring through long-forgotten ruins and... More
  • Blog Post: Dragged down by its story and characters

    Let me give you some friendlly advice:as someone who has a Nvidia graphics card the bugs are unforgivable and still very much present. That this issue hasnt been fixed since I last heard about it a while ago way before buying this game is awful and I would reccomend thinking hard because this game is... More
  • Blog Post: A Poor Man's Platformer

    I'm a year late but thanks to PS+ I managed to play and beat this supposed gem...and I am disappointed. Tomb Raider is a good game for sure with a pretty decent campaign that does a good job of getting rid of the eye candy association with the games and makes Lara more vulnerable (for some overly... More
  • Blog Post: Though Tomb Raider rides on the coattails of Uncharted, it does enough to stand out and become one extraordinary adventure

    Ok I was never a big fan of the old Tomb Raider games. I felt that Lara croft was a egotistical rich girl that had way to much time on her hands. Not to mention the controls of the old playstation titles were clunky as heck. Square Enix buying out Eidos was the best thing to happen to Tomb Raider. I... More
  • Blog Post: Tomb Raider Game

    So Tomb Raider was my first time a tomb raider game. When I was playing it I like it was great very fun game the bow was awesome it made me forget Those pistols that you get at the end of the game. Did not see any bugs I think. Over all very good made game look great and play great. More
  • Blog Post: REVIEW: Tomb Raider 2013 (360)

    Take it from somebody who has never taken Lara Croft or the Tomb Raider series seriously. Say what you will about Lara Croft, the character has never appealed to me personally and I found her games to be clunky platformers with too simplistic puzzles and sloppy combat and her adventures to be trite ripoffs... More
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