Let me give you some friendlly advice:as someone who has a Nvidia graphics card the bugs are unforgivable and still very much present. That this issue hasnt been fixed since I last heard about it a while ago way before buying this game is awful and I would reccomend thinking hard because this game is not in a finished state and its embarassing.

And now I can tell you what I thought of the game. I beat it a while back, and my opinion has not sweetened on it. Its a graphically pretty game, and without the bugs it looks quite good. The gameplay is good, and that shotgun......I am a man who loves me some shotgun, and this is one of my favorites in gaming, so it has that going for it. 

Unfortunately thats all the praise I can offer for this poor game. Not meh, not bad, but poor. The story seems alright at first glance, but its so predictable whats going to happen next that theres no suspense. The villians are just a-holes, and though it characterizes some of them the rest are just evil, pure and simple and you mow them down regardless. I won't bring up ludonarritive dissonance for the killing, becasue its a game, and while staggering the murder out would've worked better, whatever its a game. The tombs are nice attempts at puzzling to get gear, hilarious as it is to find shotgun pieces in an ancient chest, but most of them are easy and require little effort to figure out. The story goes on and gets less and less interesting as the game goes on, with stupid things intertwined, like lara not putting on a jacket despite constantly moving through cold areas, the creepy sexualizaiton of her as a character-and thats as opposed to the normal kind-and parts where characters die for no good reason, like a man who dies TO GET A SCREWDRIVER AND A WRENCH. Maybe thats a spoiler of sorts, but its so obvious I don't feel bad for doing so. The writing is poor, the characters are uninteresting, and that this game got such high accolades despite being a worse uncharted 2 (we don't talke about 3) is a little discomforting. Even for five dollars, this game wasted my time, and as I find that 10 hours could've been spent on something acutally good, like Fallout 3, I would say avoid. Its not terrible, its just not good or even decent. And you should spend money on something you think will be good.