Back in the mid 90s, who did we think of when you heard adventuer, othen then Indiana Jones? That's right Lara Croft. Depending on your opinion of the series, Tomb Raider series has been successful. While they might not be epic or masterpieces, they were still pretty fun, and a closer step for us to feel like adventuers. Then, they fanished. Tomb Raider left, and Uncharted came in. Uncharted was the new stable of action/adventure games. Blew about everything Lara croft did out of the water. So you can expect there would be pressure on Crystal Dynamics part in rebooting a Tomb Raider series to make it good. I myself have never played a Tomb Raider before, but with this being my first, felt like a piece of fresh air. This is a great start to a hopefully successful rebooted series.

 The story starts you out playing as Lara Croft as you and your crew searching for the lost kingdom of Yamatai. After a horrific storm at sea, your ship crashes, and you are stranded on a island. As you're on the island, you must find your crew, radio in help, survive attacks from the Solarii Brotherhood, and uncover the secrets behind the island and the lost kingdom of Yamatai.


 The game looks great. Whether the it's the surrounding, gameplay, or cutscene, this looks great.  As this being a more dark, gritty adventuer, the game it can be violent. You think I'm kidding, I am not. The game does looks great, but tells a Dark story that does contain alot of violence. Still don't believe me? Swimming in a complete pool of blood while bodies are all around are one of the high moments in the game.

 Let's talk about that story shall we? The story was dealt with such expertise. Like I've said, the game is intense, dark, and gritty, but even after that, this is an actionpacked game. Sure it can be kind of predictable at some times like action/adventure games can be, but this game is just nonstop action. Go from action to violence so much, and I love it. Fans of the series should not be disappointed at all. I will say, the story kind of reminded me alot of Far cry 3. Not saying Tomb Raider is a ripoff, but there stories are alot alike. The protagnist goes to a island where they get kidnapped, starts out wimpy, must survive, save rescue their friends, and escape the island. Sounds alittle familiar, bot both are great.

 The story mode on easy for me was a good 9 1/2 hours, but could probably range from 9-12 hours. Plus after the campaign, there's a whole island to explore, and collectables, and tombs. I would like to have more tombs, but overall they were a blast. Plus, you get to upgrade you weapons. From useful weapons to extreme awesome weapons. Controls seen to be fine. The game runs smoothly, though I've might've had a problem here and there. Finally there's the score and voice acting. The sound throughout the game was great. The music number were intense for the intense part, and actiony for the action part. Got me pumped. The voice acting was great. Camilla Luddington did a great job as Lara Croft, and everyone else was as equally great. They turned ok characters into characters we cared about. A pretty good supporting crew. No, comes probably Tomb Raiders biggest problem: Multiplayer.

 Lately, it seems games have been trying to be complete for everyone by adding multiplayer. Is this a good idea? NO. One of the best worst examples is Spec ops: The line. Probably next on that list is Tomb Raider. I give Crystal Dynamics a hand for trying, but man oh man stay away. The modes are mostly the same as any other shooter multiplayer but really is done properly at all. The graphics seem to slim down some, the controls feel werid, it's just a complete mess. Tomb Raider is just one of those games that should stay away from multiplayer.

 Overall, Crystal Dynamics exceeded expectations for me on this game. Most say, give Uncharted a run for their moeny. This will be a neat little compettition coming up. Serious though, fans of the series or not, should play this game. If you love action, this is for you. This was such a great release, that ultiamately a purchase worth $60 for sure. That's why I would give Tomb Raider a

9.5 out of 10