Once in a time long, long ago in a place far, far away....(ok so it wasn't that far from where I live now) I remember playing the original Tomb Raider, in all its "glory." Clunky controls, Irritating puzzles, and repeatedly falling to my death because "someone" didn't wanna grab that damn ledge... Over the years, there have been a many releases featuring Lara Croft at the helm, and for me personally they had always seemed very overrated, or just plain average at best.

Crystal Dynamics has done nothing short of a miracle in restoring credibility, playability, and a want for more from the Tomb Raider name. Graphics check, very detailed environments, character models and movement, lighting all it. Beautiful stuff.  Nearly everything in the single player campaign was executed flawlessly.  Combat, was fluid, gun play was smooth, exploration was a blast, and the puzzles and challenges provided a nice balance of being thought intensive yet fun. Pack all that in with a nice customization system and you have quite a package.

A wonderful story, that with a younger more innocent Lara Croft, I found myself feeling actually rooting for at times. I was drawn in right from the start, and stayed glued to my t.v. right to the end. This girl takes a BEATING in this game and just keeps on plugging away,  always pushing onward. This isn't your old Tomb Raider game in terms of action either, its gritty, gory and Crystal Dynamics did a pretty good job at putting the violence into the game without glorifying it. You are not running around killing people just because its fun, and looks cool (as much as it was fun and did look cool). Each position you are put into is a matter of survival, sacrifice etc.  There is a great message to be found here about facing adversity, one I think many people can relate to as well; while the some of the action scenes are borderline over the top, the story is not; minus a few things I won't mention for spoiler reasons, and they don't take away from the experience at all. 

The mulitplayer is OK but thats about it. Could have been left out imo, and no one would have noticed. Its not horrible, but if there is another game (I hope there is!) this would be an area to improve on, I will leave that at that.

All in all not only is this the best best Tomb Raider game I have ever played, it one of the best action games I have ever played. Not a whole lot to NOT like in this one.