Tomb Raider has been rebooted, and the series has never been better. This is the best Tomb Raider game ever made, and Crystal Dynamics has proven that they know Tomb Raider.

The story is pretty good, and really is the poster girl for an origin story. It really shows where Lara came from and is very interesting, although after your first kill, fighting people all the time feels sort of forced, but I didn't mind as much because I'm a huge COD player. The graphics look amazing. It almost reminds me of the graphics of Dead Space, because they look alike, which isn't a bad thing, because Dead Space looks amazing too. The controls are great. They will come natural to anybody who's played Gears Of War. The guns and other equipment are interesting in the fact that they change as you upgrade them. At first, I had a crappy bow made of twigs. By the end, I had a competition bow that could do all these really cool things, like flaming arrows and rope arrows. The equipment is used throughout the game, which many games with many puzzles can't say. The rope arrow was early on, but it was still tied into puzzles throughout the whole game. Combat can get pretty wild, with at least 5 natives charging you at a time, though you never feel outnumbered, because Lara Croft can beat 10 baddies easily, showing how well the game controls. The ending went a lot different than I imagined. I won't say anything, but the happy ending thing is usually played out too much, except for in this game, where it makes sense.

There is a multiplayer component, and while it works like it's supposed to and can be quite fun from time to time, it doesn't compare to COD or Gears Of War. It isn't broken, but I don't see anybody being on it by this point, so good luck testing it out for yourself.

This is a great game, and proves that women are just as relevant as men in the gaming world. This is easily reccomended to puzzle lovers, shooter fans, or those looking to jump into the Tomb Raider world for the first time, because the story is definitely gonna be different than the originals.