When i first started up Tomb Raider I honestly didnt know what to expect. I did not follow this game that much and frankly didn't really care. Then i saw all the reviews rolling in, the game was meeting the critics with praise and talking about how great the game was, so i decided to give it a try. The critics were right,this game is simply amazing, a very well polished game that Crystal Dynamics worked extremely hard on. 

Past Tomb Raider games dealt with the obvious raiding or tombs while facing off variety of enemies from humans to zombies to even dinosaurs. This reboot "sort of" keeps the franchise grounded, now what i mean is that what happens to Lara Croft and how she interacts and trys to survive is a little realistic. She goes up against human enemies and hunts deer and rabbits to survive. However there is a little supernatural twist in the story that the Tomb Raider series is use to, this does not hurt the game in anyway because personally the story was actually quite interesting to follow and i did not want to put my controller down until i was done.

the gameplay is as smooth as any 3rd person shooter game out there, if not better. Lara moves through the environment with alert body language, and when in combat she leans down taking cover trying to avoid gun shots or arrows. The cover system is nice, there is not a certain button to make you stick to cover she will naturally duck behind a wall when a fire fight occurs,

 The games environments are truly amazing, there is a lot of variety in the level design from caves to castles to ruins, its never a dull area. The cave elements are especially cool, i got a vibe of inspiration from the horror movie The Descent (theres a certain part in the game i swear is a reference to it) which is awesome because being in the caves brings out a certain dread of being claustrophobic, its pretty intense.

 The mature tone is a welcome and breathe of fresh air for the franchise, Crystal Dynamics would not be able to tell this story without the M rating. Lara goes through some brutal confrontations through out her journey on the island and the mature theme doesn't prevent the developers to hold back on what they are trying to tell. 

I recommend this game to anyone looking for a interesting story about a young girl trying to survive brutal conditions with a little twist thrown in. Crystal Dynamics did an outstanding job breathing fresh life into this series, i can not wait until we see Lara next adventure.

+interesting story
+amazing visuals
+gameplay is great
+mature theme is done perfect

-Laras situations can seem a LITTLE silly
-human AI intend to have the same model