i love to play games that let me explore areas and see what they have in store for me to see and places to go. I love games like fallout 3 and skyrim for this reason and when i got tomb raider it gave me that same kick... and with its emotion in it just set if off to be one of my favorite games. 

one of the big things that a lot of people are saying is that it’s like uncharted... I just beat uncharted 1 and I see where a lot of people are coming from but uncharted focuses more on the combat while tomb raider focuses more on the puzzles and story. Granted I have not played the other uncharted but I think that is very close to what these two games franchise.

The game got me to care about the characters and I explored a bit to find the journals of characters that are there with you and told me as the play what their motives are and why they are there with you. The puzzles where not really that hard, I found them really interesting though. After getting the achievement that said I got all the tombs after doing like 5 I was like is this it? I felt like a game that was called tomb raider would have more raiding but the items that you find around, historical items, gave me the feeling that I was an explorer in this area. Kind of wish that the game was longer I did kinda power though it sort of fast. The game was very good and I have very few grips with it sure the multiplayer isn’t out of this world but it can kill a few hours here and there.