In my opinion Tomb Raider was a game that helped shape the action-adventure genre. Specifically the certain mix of treasure hunting, puzzle solving and shoot-em up action. The franchise may have lost some of their fans along the way and also gotten into a niche of providing the same type of story game after game but this entry has the potential to reclaim it all. Not only does Tomb Raider stand side by side with a game like Uncharted, it surpasses it.

The game does not start off slow, it throws Lara right into the deepest depths of pain and torment from the beginning and does not let up. This game is not afraid to hurt here. Main character Lara starts as an inexperienced girl focused on fame and evolves into the warrior we all know she is. She (Lara) has to overcome inexplicable odds to escape the situation she is thrown into.

Upgrades come over the natural course of the game. You are not overburdened with new abilities and weapons at one particular point.. The game does a good job of teaching you how to use everything it throws at you. Their are also plenty of throw away moments  in the game. The developers put huge set pieces in the game that look and work amazing and they never get repetitive. Also, check points are very abundant and when death occurs, the scene is usually so interesting there is little or no irritation. At some points I would jump off a cliff just so I could see what would happen.

The puzzle aspect is done well. They never get over complicated but usually take a little time to figure out. Gun play likens itself to Uncharted. Switching weapons is done with the d-pad and aiming can be changed from left and right shoulder with a click of the left stick. Running and gunning has a good flow to it. Although, some firefight situations seem like they take less skill and more grinding through it.

The only thing that keeps this game from getting a 10/10 to me is the multiplayer aspect. It seemed kind of glitchy from what I played. Some players or even myself would move through objects or warp a couple of feet from where they were just standing. The levels and game modes are not really anything special and if you are a new player it seems I was easily killed by others.

All said and done I loved this game, One of the first things I usually do is look at the achievements but this game is so fun and enjoyable I did not do that until I finished the campaign. This game is worth anyone's time looking for a good experience.