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Launch Trailer Gives Us One More Look Before Release

Titanfall is only a week away, and Respawn has put together a launch trailer that reminds us of the narrative undertones of the multiplayer mayhem. While the beta gave us a great sense for the flow of combat, it was light on the campaign features we’ve previously seen.

Movement is key to survival in Titanfall. You’ll be able to get up and get yours on March 11 for Xbox One and PC, with an Xbox 360 release coming on March 25. For more, check out our recent coverage.

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  • pretty pumped for this game

  • what a great month for gaming...nerdgasm here
  • Greatness Awaits...

  • I have to admit, I'm pretty stoked about this. I'm really interested to see how the online only component of this works. I had a blast with the Beta and I know a few people who had no interest in it that have changed their minds after playing it. GI the Review embargoed until the 11th?
  • Trailers usually are full of a bunch of awesome looking stuff that doesn't really ever happen in game. However I'm pretty sure I saw or did just about everything in that trailer in the beta. This game is going to be amazing. Sadly, I am going to be on a business trip until the 13th. Its probably going to kill me.
  • Ah this sucks for my wallet. South Park and Titian Fall. Luckily I get paid every week.

  • Yay!!!!!! More Call of Titianfall Duty "news"!
  • This and Dark Souls 2..can't wait

  • T-Day is almost upon us! Got my controller over the weekend, XOS headset on Friday, collectors edition and standard edition on release day. Time for shooters to be fun and fresh again.

  • So whats the difference between the Xbox 360 version and the Xbox one version?
  • Is a trailer this late really going to convince anyone to go for it? I feel like people are already pretty decided about this game.
  • Psh, where's the Dark Souls II trailer? That's the most important game this month.
  • This game rocked me like a hurricane.
  • I'm so stoked for this game! I'm interested to see how the multiplayer-campaign-thing works.
  • March 11th, come sooner!

  • I gust got a semi-chub

  • Man, it's gotta be rough to release on the same day as Dark Souls II!

  • Screw dark souls, this game has the most hype out of a lot of games for a while. Best fps probably yet.
  • If Dark Souls II wasn't coming out, I would totally consider picking this up on PC. This looks awesome and I'm not someone who enjoys FPS (especially multiplayer).