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Respawn Offers Tips For Success In The Titanfall Beta

If you've been lucky enough to take part in Titanfall's beta, Respawn has put out a video offering some tips on how to succeed.

You can check out the video below which emphasizes getting onto rooftops, dropping your Titans onto the unaware, and taking advantage of being on foot (which does have its advantages).

For more tips on the game, check out a list of suggestions from Tim Turi, who spent lots of time with Titanfall before the beta went online. If you're still hoping to get in on the beta, it sounds like there will be plenty more opportunities to get a code today as long as you're following Vince Zampella on Twitter.

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  • Ahhhhh, I don't use the Bleeter.

  • Already got into the PC beta myself and it is a joy. Jumping onto a Titan and shooting the core is amazing, but the disappointment when a friend tells you to bail early is pretty lame.

  • I've definitely received 3 beta codes for some reason. 2 for pc one for xbone. so i guess that the "tons of codes" will all be in my inbox :D
  • Just got my code. Im very excited to finally try this game out.

  • I'm loving Titanfall so far. The balance between the twitch-shooter play of the pilots and the more strategic Titan combat is perfect. As long as Titanfall has plenty of content and variety in the full release, I'm sold.
  • Just waiting to see what goes wrong, but hey, maybe a TitanFall miracle will happen and the servers will keep their heads above water.
  • Just finished installing the Titanfall beta on my laptop. Let's hope it can run it.
  • Got my code from a kind Youtube stranger who happened to have an extra and have been having a blast. Last Titan Standing is so much fun because it brings back a similar experience of execution from Gears of War IMO.

  • Wish I had the PC capabilities to give it a try.

  • I've only taken part in a couple of betas, but this one is by far the best experience so far. I've been having a blast. I just hope they'll be ready for the day one server loads.I'll be sorely disappointed if my day one experience isn't on par (connection wise) with my present experience.

  • Just got my beta code and I'm at work! Can't wait to play tonight!
  • Signed up once, received three codes so far. I used mine and gave the other two to my brothers, but if I happen to have any more sent my way, I'll post them to my page.

  • Got my code two hours ago! Loving every minute of it. This definitely did not disapoint me. :)

  • Best shooter of the year right here.

  • Best shooter of the year right here.

  • So far the game has been unplayable for me on pc. The graphics are stretching all over the place, and the guns are invisible. Kind of a bummer, but maybe my card isn't compatible. :( Edit: Found a fix. Apparently on certain computers, titanfall defaults to on board graphics. After manually telling it to use my card, works like a charm. Hope this helps anyone else running into issues! And,Damn!!! This is a fun game!
  • I have an extra code. First response can have it. Xbox One.
  • I'm having a blast with this game! Also, I have an extra Beta code for Xbox One if anyone is interested.
  • Im such a good friend I gave my beta code to my friend. I got to play the alpha. So I decided to share the wealth and let him enjoy the awesomeness of titanfall on his own. I can wait a few more weeks
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