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Titanfall Celebrates Beta Registration With New Trailer

Titanfall is accepting applications for its beta right now, and to celebrate the occasion, Respawn has released a new trailer for the game.

You can check out the trailer below, which is mostly gameplay. If you haven't signed up for the beta yet, and would like to, head here.

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  • ... Is this the first time there's ever been a trailer for a beta...?
  • Now, I'm definitely hoping that I get accepted.

  • I'm really excited for the beta now. There must be a lot of traffic on the sign up page right now. Because I kept getting an error when hitting apply until it finally worked. Shows that a lot of gamers are pretty excited for it!
  • Action Packed trailer. Also, I can definitely see the visual upgrade from the Alpha version.

  • I signed up, and my fingers are crossed.

  • Super bummed this is Xbox exclusive.
  • Big money, big money, no whammies, no whammies, stop.
  • Wow this is lookin pretty great if I do say so myself, if i'm being honest though I think that evolve gameplay footage was more exciting. Could be because I won't have an xbox one until after this come out though. Either way it looks incredible!

  • I'm really interested to hear what gamers think of Titanfall. I hope it lives up to all the hype.
  • Hopefully, the beta might ease some fears I've been having about the game if I'm able to get in. I'm not sure how I feel about the features just yet, they just seem kind of bare at the moment and I'm sure games of 6 v 6 only would eventually get kind of boring. I'm most interested in seeing how many different gametypes they have, so far they've only shown some kind of deathmatch variation so I hope they shed some light on that.
  • Titanfall Beta, Finally.

  • Funny how every PS4 owner has a high end PC to go along with their Sony purchase. This is all I see on on every site. "who cares if it's on X1. I can play it on my high end PC that's right next to my Ps4" lmao support Microsoft ponies.
  • Mod

    Looking forward to checking this out on my friends Xbox One. I know he'll get the beta(he gets into every beta, lol)

    Should be good times.

  • 6v6 Multiplayer? The game looks fun, but I think ill pass.
  • It looks ultra frantic with everyone just running around like crazy and blasting each other, which can be fun for an hour or so... And then it gets pretty boring.
  • This game is looking amazing, and for those of you who say 6v6 no think you. I say we dont need you...
  • I can hardly wait for this game. Hopefully I get in the beta and help stress test those servers.

  • As much as I am a sucker for mechs...the game really isn't doing anything for me in terms of excitement.
  • Wow, this looks crazy!

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