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Learn More About The Nimble Stryder In New Titanfall Trailer

Respawn revealed the lightweight Stryder Titan during the VGX show a few weeks ago, and now they've released a video that shows the Titanfall machine in greater detail.

The Stryder is built for speed and agility, unlike the bulkier Ogre. According to the video, it's a great scout unit, with a high success record on the field and the ability to secure objectives faster than any other Titan. Keep in mind that this is a commercial, so they're not going to discuss important details like failure rates. You might want to do some research and consider purchasing an extended warranty (or life insurance) before heading out onto the battlefield with the Stryder. It might be quick, but it won't outsprint a bullet – and it doesn't look especially armored.

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  • This game looks pretty good for a mech game. Might pick it up for the 360.
  • I cannot truly express the excitement I feel for this game. Haven't felt this for a game in a very long time. Feels nice! :-)

  • This game just looks better and better. Having different types of Titans is sure to add depth and variety while requiring strategic thinking to bring home a victory. As if I couldn't be hyped more... I really hope it lives up to it's lofty expectations.
  • Here's my dilemma. Do I get an XBOX One to play this, or do I wait for the inevitable Titanfall 2 that will most likely come to PS4?
  • I know graphics don't make the game but I wish it looked a little better than it does now. All that Dull Brown and Grey is getting pretty old.
  • So far there's the Titan seen in the first trailers, then there's the Ogre, and now the Stryder. I wonder how many Titans are in the game.
  • This is definitely the mech I would be using, I always go with speed over slow and bulky.

  • 60% of the time, it works every time

  • It's....it's a moe mech.....

  • Mechy mech mech. . . that's my assessment. Take it with a grain of salt or a gear and a smile. The game's got a long way to go, but it can use the extra mile. See ya for a while!

  • I love how Xbox One supporters claim this as their flagship title of all of everything ever. It's coming out on PC too people, where it will inevitably be better. When your getting a bland FPS shooter like this, go PC, at least get the graphics out of it to make up for the rest.

  • That's enough.

  • $ 59.99 For Digital down Loads is a Rip Off. People please I beg you don't pay it, a new Game Digital down load should cost no more than $ 44.00. We have to make them understand that over charging for digital down loads is unacceptable.