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Comparing Titan And Pilot Controls To Call Of Duty

Before Jason West and Vince Zampella broke off from Activision to form Respawn, the developers revitalized the Call of Duty franchise at Infinity Ward. They set a new standard for precise FPS controls that a host of other shooters mimic. Titanfall is a FPS, and given Respawn’s link to the Call of Duty franchise, comparing how they play is inevitable. Here’s how gunning down massive mechs and high-flying pilots in Titanfall compares to the on-foot gunfights of Call of Duty.

During my hands-on session with Titanfall at Gamescom 2013 in Cologne, Germany, Respawn provided us with a diagram laying out the controls. I didn’t need to look at it once. On the 360 controller left trigger brings up iron sights, right bumper tosses a grenade, Y button swaps weapons, the left analog button sprints, and so on. Call of Duty fans, and fans of FPS games in general, will feel immediately at home with the button configuration. Aiming from the hip or dialing in shots feels every bit as smooth and accurate as in Call of Duty. However, I found the default sensitivity setting less twitchy than Call of Duty, which made aiming in the larger, vertically expansive worlds easier.

Speaking of verticality, the biggest difference between traversal on foot in Titanfall versus a soldier in Call of Duty is double jumping and wall running. Controlling your pilot’s jetpack parkour antics is as easy as hitting the jump button. Wallrunning is performed by jumping alongside a wall. A short sprint along a wall allows you to double jump again, which lets you chain a series of wall runs or land on a rooftop. Your character automatically pulls themselves onto close ledges, which offers some leeway with sloppy freerunning. Controlling a pilot in Titanfall feels very similar to Call of Duty controls in all the best ways, while adding the freeing ability to jump all over the place.

The same control basics translate into piloting Titans. The towering mechs are more agile than your average robot. Titans can’t jump, so the A button turns into a useful dash. Aiming, firing, and reloading your huge weapons is the same, except that the grenade button fires secondary missiles while reloading your primary weapons. Keeping the control schemes nearly identical between pilots and Titans makes the frequent transitions in and out of the tank suits a fluid and fun process.

Titanfall is not just Call of Duty with mechs. The games play similarly at their core, Titanfall's flow of battle, verticality, and story-expanding radio chatter coalesce into a fresh experience. My years of Call of Duty experience translated well into Titanfall, and the experience was made better by it. I can’t wait to invest even more time with the satisfying gameplay when Titanfall hits Xbox One and PC next year.

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  • This looks intense, I can't wait!

  • This game is the reason I haven't decided between Xbox 1 and PS4
  • This game is getting some wicked hype, hope everyone likes it for what it seems to be cracked out to be.

  • "Titanfall is not a call of duty with mechs." I wonder if this person has been to the comments in the IGN Titanfall article because that's exactly what the haters called it in the comments.
  • I'm kind of skeptical about this game. I think all the mechs would get boring really fast. This game certainly has the hype though. I guess I'll wait for reviews. I'm just not sure how much time I would put into this game if I have Ghosts and Battlefield 4. It really should have been a 3rd person shooter in my opinion.
  • Well, if CoD got one thing right, it's control schemes. So that they're similar is good news.

  • this looks good but it's just not the best game that's coming out right now

  • God I hope Gameinformer gets a fair reviewer for this game. Not someone who is just going to give it a really score just because they want xbox one to be better than PS4. Please no xbox or playstation fanboy reviewing this game.

  • Call of Duty didn't set any standards for precision controls in FPSs. Halo did that when it released on the original XBOX. I hate the way people act like COD is such a revolutionary game series when it's just an unbalanced mess with boring shooting mechanics.
  • I usually don't like how everyone immediately compares a new shooter to CoD, but it is relevant in this case because Titanfall was made by old CoD devs.

  • This game looks bad ass

  • But campaign mode is online only?
  • This article shouldn't exist. I understand CoD is a popular franchise, but the fact that they are comparing Titanfall and CoD is useless. They are two different games, with two very different playstyles. And besides, I don't really know why people think CoD was first shooter to revolutionize gaming. I'm pretty sure games like DOOM and Halo did that eons before the franchise spawned. The fact that many games copy CoD's controls scheme is BECAUSE it's so popular, it's all people play, and millions of fans would thow a fit if LT didn't let them aim down sights. That's why I love games that let you customize all the button configs, not just choose what button make you melee.
  • My only concern is that will call of duty's negative side of its fan base stay over with Call of duty and not venture over. I'm not in the mood to here a child scream obscenities for no reason.
  • Honestly as someone who's grown tired of CoD over the years, this looks like a cool way to spice up the run 'n gun mutliplayer style. Won't buy an Xbone for it, but it still impressed me at E3.

  • Looks solid. I do hope the Xbox 360 version is just as good and I'll probably settle for 360 since the PS4 at this time would be my new primary next gen console. Might be long while before even considering buying the Xbox One, or investing in a better PC rig.
  • hmm more i read or watch about this game i have the feeling its going to be the next "Halo" in terms of games that will go down in history. Microsoft has a nasty habit of making legendary games and franchise that we don't stop seeing for generations to come.....
  • I guarantee this will be a timed exclusive

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