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Titan Usage And Teamwork Are Essential In "Attrition" Mode

Today at Gamescom, EA showed Titanfall gameplay footage of a game mode called “Attrition.”

The video does a fine job demonstrating the exceptional mobility players will have in Titanfall. The shooter runs and jumps off walls, jetpacks into windows, bombards enemies from above, and much more. We also see the player intelligently use a Titan’s abilities to take on two opposing mechs. You can see it all in the video below.

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  • Looks great.
    Hope it does well.

  • AWESOME!!!!!

  • Wish this was coming to the PS4. This and Killer Instinct are the only games on the XboxOne that interest me.
  • Holy wow. That was sick.

  • Game of the year material right here

  • I have no interest in Xbox1, but that game looks like a potential system seller! Awesome looking - hope the actual game can live up to that awesome demo!

  • Wow, this is looking pretty good. They need to show what it's like dying and waiting to respawn, though... That part usually stinks about these games.
  • From the very beginning the mobility & verticality the soldiers can reach made me interested in this. It still does. That gameplay was awesome!!

  • Man, this game looks incredible. Definitely making it hard to choose between the PS4 and X1.

  • It's looking pretty hype.