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Titan Usage And Teamwork Are Essential In "Attrition" Mode

Today at Gamescom, EA showed Titanfall gameplay footage of a game mode called “Attrition.”

The video does a fine job demonstrating the exceptional mobility players will have in Titanfall. The shooter runs and jumps off walls, jetpacks into windows, bombards enemies from above, and much more. We also see the player intelligently use a Titan’s abilities to take on two opposing mechs. You can see it all in the video below.

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  • I don't know how anyone can compare this to COD, other than the fact that its a FPS. This game looks absolutely incredible, first time I've been really excited for a new IP in a long time.

  • COD with Mechs or not, this game still looks pretty awesome. I still don't think it should have won all those E3 awards, but it still looks like a ton of fun.

  • This looks amazing.

  • I'm not gonna lie.... I'm ALL about Sony and the PS..... but this looks effin phenomenal. I'm actually jealous.

  • Looks like a fun game, but this looks doable on current gen. Unless I'm missing the scale of the maps or amount of players or something
  • Man I really do wish that this was coming to the PS4. There hasn't been a decent giant robot game in a long time.

  • Good golly this looks amazing. I'm seriously pumped for this.

  • Color me impressed. This game looks like it'll be loads of fun.

  • I'm suddenly very happy that this is coming to PC, and I don't even like PVP shooters.

  • impressive. definitely a game i will be playing and putting down battlefield 3 for quite a while.

  • Still not buying an Xbone, but man this game is mind-blowing. Like others have stated, I'm really hoping this comes to PC or is eventually available when I buy a PS4.
  • Dope

  • I don't know why people are still so against the xbox one. This game looks really good. Reminds me of district 9...

  • Looks impressive.

  • Man, it sure wasn't that guys fault that their team lost

  • that was amazing. to bad I probably wont be able to play as well as this person did.

  • This looks amazing, activision's people were absolute idiots to let west and zampella go

  • I think Zampella is going to be laughing his way to the bank. Hopefully, he chooses a branch that takes him right past Activision's offices. So stoked for this game. Just think Bobby, this could have been the next Activision franchise! In the future, maybe you'll just pay your star devs what you owe them, and let them do their thing. Why would you try to lock creative genius' like this into one project anyway. Obviously you've got teams that can crank out a CoD every year. Guys like West and Zampella do their best work (read: make you the most money) when they are allowed to stretch their legs on new stuff. Oh yeah.....so how is Ghosts coming along? Those aquatic AI routines look pretty groundbreaking! Lol.

  • I'm so glad this is on the PC! Otherwise I'd be tempted to give up on getting a ps4

  • I'm going to be all over this game on the PC! That's some intense looking gameplay.