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Developers Explain How They Balanced Giant Mechs And Tiny Humans

One of our favorite things about the dawn of a new hardware generation is the flood of new intellectual properties. Sure, we'll get sequels to the biggest franchises, but the brand new experiences in fresh, untouched worlds are a source of great excitement.

One of those titles is our E3 2013 Game of Show, Titanfall. In addition to our coverage of the game that's already available, the team at Respawn has released a behind the scenes look at the E3 reveal.

Titanfall arrives next year for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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  • This was really the only xbone exclusive that really got me on the fence between it and the PS4, game looks great. All in all decided to go with a PS4 at launch and get this game for PC.

  • Balance: Giant Mechs stomp on tiny humans?

  • I'll pay someone Twenty bucks if they remake an Attack on Titan opening with this game when it comes out.

  • this game is just too fun and exciting...

  • This game makes more sense as a console multiplatform game than an exclusive(I know it's on PC), but they made their choice enjoy it X-Box fans, this is the only game that interests me from the X-Box ONE games.
  • I was just wondering about how they would balance this aspect yesterday. Thank you for this article game informer :)

  • I really do hope that they improve the damage to the environment. I just have a pet peve where explosion just don't leave a mark. I do enjoy the combo between mech and infantry fighting though!

  • Balance? Because the creators of Modern Warfare are experts in balance, right?

  • Well this made me more excited

  • LOL! Not coming to PS4 owners or PS3! Ha! Seriously I'm just grateful I have a 360 b/c I'm probably getting a PS4. The guns look, feel (yes, feel) and sound awesome for both mechs and soldiers, it appeared to me.
  • Now THIS has me hyped up. I finally can understand ALL the excitement for this game. This plus the GIO article, plus the skill of the devs and their willingness to make something perfect, makes me feel as if this game will be amazing. Cant wait to see more gameplay.

  • So does it not have a single player mode?

  • I think I'm in love with this game already... I want it NOWWWWW!!!!!

  • I imagine that would be harder than you'd think to do fairly to each side as successfully as they have.

  • Why not the PS4?

  • This if incredulous *** that Respawn won't be making this for the PS4???!!!!!! I can't believe they're gonna just abandon all the gamers who believed in them and supported them on Playstation!! I am in utter and complete shock! And am outraged! I've been waiting for their vindication to come. I read their *** justification for it too! Game Informer awesomely pointed out that the PS4 would offer 3 gigs more ram on the PS4 and Zampella or Fukuda just passed it off as "no need" This is clearly *** and only siding with Microsoft for some ulterior motive. All I got to say is now is *** Respawn, *** Zamapella and *** Titanfall. I will happily give my money now to Activision and Treyarch! I am so *** pissed with these assholes!!

  • I am really excited for this game and I think that it might actually beat out COD for my multiplayer destination. And they are doing it because they want to focus on one console, and they decided for it to be the Xbox One. I respect their decision, because they will make a better game if they can focus on making the best game possible for one console.