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Developers Explain How They Balanced Giant Mechs And Tiny Humans

One of our favorite things about the dawn of a new hardware generation is the flood of new intellectual properties. Sure, we'll get sequels to the biggest franchises, but the brand new experiences in fresh, untouched worlds are a source of great excitement.

One of those titles is our E3 2013 Game of Show, Titanfall. In addition to our coverage of the game that's already available, the team at Respawn has released a behind the scenes look at the E3 reveal.

Titanfall arrives next year for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

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  • It's probably still advisable to be in the Mech...

  • Bring it on.

  • Wanna level the playing field with the mechs? EMPs. Lots and lots of EMPs.

  • vehichles in online games are always easy to destroy (when your driving() tanks in bf3 are awefull 2 pieces of c4 and your dead.
  • They balanced giant mechs and tiny humans??? HA! I'll believe that when Titans fall.
  • Abbie Heppe!

  • Balance through level design, don't weaken the mechs.

  • This game looks really exciting, I'd imagine being in a mech would still be better.

  • I was wondering how they would do this. I mean, just look at the part of the demo where the titan just walked over the guy and killed him. It made me laugh and wonder about it. That was probably the best part of the conference.

  • [Update]After much consideration the developers realized mechs would always beat humans and therefore the game will completely suck for those who don't make it to a mech first or lose their mech.
  • So glad Xbox went back on their policies just so I can enjoy this game

  • Infinity ward was never really good with balance issues or any Cod for that matter
  • wise looks great but everything seems a little meh imo of course.

  • Never been into Mechs much although I did enjoy Mech Warrior back in the day.. That said, I think they will hit a home run with fans with this new IP.

  • Day one purchase for me.

  • I cannot wait for this game!!!!! I love COD but something different has been wanted for a while now.

  • If TitanFall sells enough copies you can be sure that Microsoft will pay Respawn Entertainment top dollar to keep the franchise exclusive to Xbox.
  • So...

    Can you ride a Mech?

    It's really a good option.

  • I'm really glad this amazing looking game is coming to Xbox 360 and PC so I won't be forced into next-gen.
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