Check Out The E3 Trailer For Respawn's First Game - Titanfall - Xbox One -
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Check Out The E3 Trailer For Respawn's First Game

During Microsoft’s press conference today at E3, Respawn Entertainment unveiled new footage of its upcoming shooter Titanfall. 

The video, which you can watch below, features mechs shooting at soldiers, soldiers shooting back at mechs, and even mech-versus-mech combat. 

If you have yet to read up on the new game from ex-Call of Duty developers, check out our cover story reveal for more information.

Titanfall is scheduled to release next spring for Xbox One, PC, and Xbox 360.

  • looks interesting...  

  • Looks promising, and the graphics look good enough.

  • This looks like a solid new IP. I think the Mech combat is very cool and the nimble, agile movement of the pilots was a very thrilling display of gameplay. It could be a big contender for the multiplayer shooter space, that's for sure.

  • This game looks to be an amazing game. The footage that was shown looked beautiful. I wonder if it's strictly multiplayer or if it is a single player game as well. Either way I will most likely get it.

  • Looks fluid, but still not the shot to the arm fps need.

  • Def. Looks great! But i will not buy a xbone JUST to play this.... Respawn i waited 2+ years for your product only to be smashed with your garbage decision to be exclusive to M$..... thanx but no thanx, ya'll just made Bungies Destiny seem more enticing.
  • This game has a very Unreal Tournament look to it, with the over the top action.  That's welcome for me anyway.

  • as cool as that looks i still refuse to buy a xbone

  • I still would rather have Destiny, it peaks my interest more
  • Probably end up just picking this up for my 360

  • A shooter?  I was hoping Respawn would go away from shooters.

  • If they can get that balance right of "two shooters" like the video talks about then this will be amazing.

  • titanfall is very very bad watch dogs is first game

  • Great, just in time for when I purchase Xbox1 in the fall of 2014