Check Out The E3 Trailer For Respawn's First Game - Titanfall - Xbox One -
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Check Out The E3 Trailer For Respawn's First Game

During Microsoft’s press conference today at E3, Respawn Entertainment unveiled new footage of its upcoming shooter Titanfall. 

The video, which you can watch below, features mechs shooting at soldiers, soldiers shooting back at mechs, and even mech-versus-mech combat. 

If you have yet to read up on the new game from ex-Call of Duty developers, check out our cover story reveal for more information.

Titanfall is scheduled to release next spring for Xbox One, PC, and Xbox 360.

  • Promising but it really just looks like a hybrid of Section 8 and Warframe.
  • This game looks great, the mechs didn't seem to overpowered and the transversal looked really good.
  • And what? its not an exclusive anymore? lol
  • This looks awesome! It kinda sucks though because I'm torn between the Xbox One, and the PS4. Just an aside, but why are mechs the new craze? Is it just me, or do more and more games seem to offer mechs?
  • Looks promising but still not completely convinced. Maybe add some flashy explosions and uhh...oh yeah maybe zombies? Ahh, nevermind.

  • Look interesting. The fast-paced mech action looks fun.

  • This game actually looked REALLY, REALLY good!

  • I'm pretty excited for this. The gameplay fooled me into thinking this was a campaign demo. It really looks polished to the point where they've finally figured out how to bring campaign and multiplayer into one mode.

  • Stupid age restriction. Why did I use my real age?

  • This looks pretty fun. I'm liking the jet pack maneuverability of the soldiers.

  • Wow! This game is looking really good, an Xbox One tittle PS4 owners can actually be envious of. Good job MS on securing this exclusive.
  • Xbox One exclusive, except that its also on 360 and PC.

  • This actually looks incredibly rad. Xbox One, you just got pre-ordered.

  • Wow this looks pretty good. Hopefully it brings some new features to the fps genre because it has been growing stale for me lately. I will definitely be following this though.

  • Looks great, but I've got a PC to play this on. All the Xbox One titles announced fell short in comparison, not seeing much incentive to buy the One.

  • this actually looks really promising....

  • Meh

  • This actually looks pretty fun to play, sucks that its not coming out for the ps4 because as of now thats going to be my console of choice.

  • Hey..I mean its Mechs..Not just a normal shooter..I mean damn thats a selling point for me right there.

  • This just might be a COD killer...
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