Last week, we introduced you to Titanfall’s rebel forces, the Frontier Militia. Today, it’s time to look at the other side of the war in Respawn’s inaugural title, the Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation (IMC).

Originally known as Hammond Engineering, the IMC is the dominate corporate force in the known universe. While residents in the core systems are content to ignore the company’s off-world tactics, the frontier systems see the IMC pillage planetary resources daily.

The IMC is fighting for profits, while the Frontier Militia is fighting for the people living on the outer planets. The company’s forces are led by Vice Admiral Graves, a trigger-happy mercenary named Blisk, and Spyglass, a robotic embodiment of the IMC’s computer network.

Titanfall is due out on Xbox One and PC on March 11. The Xbox 360 version has been delayed until March 25 so Bluepoint can put some additional polish on it. For more, check out our coverage from Gamescom 2013 and our July 2013 issue.

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