So, as with every generation gap in gaming we come to this question. Are the multi gen games as good on the previous generation? It's a well known fact that game developers will focus more time on the next gen consoles than they will on their predecessors, it's just common sense. You want people playing next gen, it boost everyones' sales and makes everyone happy. 

So when Titanfall was announced for Xbox one, PC, and Xbox 360, it was no surprise that hopes weren't as high for the 360 version. PC games always manage to keep up(or surpass) with console versions, so people knew it would be fine. And with the Xbox one version being the poster boy of the ad campaign, the 360 version was kept out of most peoples minds.

I however have learned for the most part to not worry to much about console gap, at least not this early. After the next gen has been around for a few years these concerns have more warrant, but only a few months after launch, the next generation really isn't that much better that the previous one. So when I got Titanfall for the 360, I wasn't as worried as others.

My lack of worry turned out to be of correct decision. Yes, Titanfall on the 360 doesn't look or sound as good when compared to the Xbox one version, but it still looks and sounds good. Yes, the frame rate is lower, but not enough to affect gameplay. In the end, the only real difference between the two is just that, the graphics. You still free run without a hitch as a pilot, and the Titans don't feel any less powerful.

So yes, while the Xbox one and PC versions may be better, the 360 version could stand on its own. It plays great and is still graphically pleasing. I strongly stand by the opinion that next gen doesn't get much better until a couple years after its launch, and this game helps that opinion. I'll be getting watch dogs on the 360 as well, so we'll see how long that lasts. Back on point, Titanfall is great on the 360, so if you don't have an Xbox one, don't feel to hesitant to by it on the 360.