The new titan of multiplayer arrived for Xbox 360 April 8th and I didn't want waste any time that could be spent playing it. That April afternoon I picked up my copy of Titanfall and couldn't wait to get started. After arriving home, putting the desk in my 360, and going through a bunch of downloads the game begun. Titanfall starts impressively, with a pilot training program that was a fun and unique way of teaching the basics without getting tedious until its final few tests. The training mode successfully leaves you pumped and ready to compete. Out of old habit I started with the Campaign. 


In Titanfall, unlike must FPSs, the purpose of the campaign is not to make and explosive and memorable story but to have a story that is told through multiplayer competition. A FPS I recently reviewed, Battlefield 4, the campaign tried to be meaningful and action-packed but like must games in the genre it fell short of its ambitious goal. As stated earlier, Respawn took a different approach with Titanfall's campaign. Unfortunately it didn't succeed. The story is lost in the heat in the competition, I found myself at the end of the campaign excited about the gameplay but confused by the story it attempted to tell. The campaign forces the players to focus on winning instead of the story and the characters. I honestly couldn't tell whet any of the main characters are like or what they even did. Though I must give Respawn some credit for trying something new, and actually succeeding at one thing, provided the first FPS campaign I found fun since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Campaign Score: 6.5/10


*While reading this keep in mind I played the 360 version of the game.

I'll start with the good, the graphics were not bad, in fact they look a little better than MW3 does on the 360. I wasn't looking for graphics when I started playing and I certainly didn't find anything to impressive but I'm happy to say there is nothing I really found disappointing either. Sound was great, I'm no expert in sound but I loved all the effects and commentary/advice given. Every aspect of the sound helps to enhance the experience of the competition. The only thing I found annoying about the sound alone was how your superior had to say "Your Titan's Ready" every 30 seconds. Unfortunately the sound and graphics were often out-of-sync, for example, lips not moving with the voice and the sound of titan crashing a second after or before it actually lands.

Graphics/Sound Score: 8/10


High, I could play Titanfall for 4 hours one night and then still want to play the next morning. I can never seem to get enough of it. Unfortunately it feels the same every time, and every match type feels the same, with the exception of Last Titan Standing. This is not necessarily a bad thing but it hurts the replay value slightly.

Replay Score: 9.5/10

Competitive Multiplayer (Classic):

The best part of Titanfall is the way it reinvents competition, and every match type features this. Titanfall's multiplayer is 6 vs. 6, now this may seem small but after playing I wouldn't want anymore. Spectres and Grunts are added to each match and provide something that shoots at you and you can shoot at. The design of the map and the abilities of pilots force pilots to be constantly on the move to survive. Another thing Titanfall succeeds at is making the weapons equal, there is no right gun. I've been killed on every map by most every gun. The best gun is the gun that fits a players style and movement. In terms of Titans, nothing is more fun than getting in and out and back in too your Titan. The Titan is easy to control and can successfully control itself. Hoping out can be as dangerous to your enemy as hoping in. Fooling pilots that rodeo your titan and fooling pilots that rodeo you. Titans provide a whole new aspect to the game and it is fun. Thankfully Titans are far from over powered a smart pilot can take one out, almost as easily as a smart titan. The maps in Classic are great each one promotes new strategy and then forces a player to change that strategy mid-game because of the new presence of titans and active turrets. Burn cards add to the competition as well giving certain players different advantages each maps. These burn cards range from Amped weapons to Spectre Camo. Finally the Epilogue of each match is a blast every time. The goal is either to escape or to stop those escaping. The Epilogue successfully clinches the match with yet another change to strategy for both sides. All in all each match is a blast and feels completely different from anything I've every played before.

Competitive Multiplayer (Classic) Score: 10/10

Overall Score: 8.5/10