In a world where I paid $60 for a full campaign, map editor, great multiplayer, and firefight modes in Halo: Reach four years ago, this title absolutely doesn't stack up.  The online multiplayer offered here is no more polished than any Halo or COD game of the past few years.  The gameplay and game design are top-notch, and beg to be showcased in a thoughtful campaign, making it's omission all the more glaring.  The amount of story offered in Titanfall's "campaign" mode makes Left 4 Dead seem like Metal Gear.

The reviews I've read on several websites seem on point with the overall quality of the content offered.  The problem is that what's offered for $60, seems like it's the amount of content you'd expect from a $30 XBLA title, although admittedly higher quality.

At the end of the day, the multiplayer is not a step above the multiplayer found in competing games which offer much more content for the same price, many of which released many years ago.  Half a game gets half the score I would have liked to have given it otherwise.  4.5/10