Respawn took some chances with Titanfall with making it a multiplayer-only game, but it works out nicely. I was intrigued when I saw Titanfall, but was blown away with how much fun the beta was; little did I know there was so much more.

Titanfall at first glance may seem like Call of Duty, or another generic shooter, with mechs, but holds much more depth. Agile pilots and destructive Titans are balanced nicely, even pitted against each other. Even though pilots are much smaller in size, the parkour abilities and anti-titan weapons do a nice job of balancing the scale. Although a limited number of primary and secondary weapons are at a pilots disposal, their ordinance and tiered abilities allow players to mix and match to their preferences. Titan warfare is intense and battles are bolstered by the multiple possible Titan load-outs. One unique item, or items, thrown in is the use of Burn Cards, which are comparable to one-time use perks. Burn Cards allow Pilots to execute a card, which gives them some advantage in physicality or mechanical form, and these can be used once per life and are exhausted after use. In Titanfall, combat feels fresh yet familiar with the FPS mechanics.

Titanfall includes 15 maps, 2 familiar ones from the beta, but the 13 others are unique in their own rights. Maps vary in size, depth and narrowness. They combine tightly cornered fighting area with open mechanical warfare zones and in-between. Overall, Respawn does a very nice job of varying size and verticality giving pilots and Titans room to get creative.

I have not played all of the modes, but I can say they are similar to what you'd find in most first-person shooters today, but with some welcomed twists added in. Last Titan Standing, it's what it appears to be, is a round based game type where the team with the last remaining Titan left "alive" wins the round. What makes it more complicated is that the Pilot is not bound to the Titan indefinitely, requiring players to be much more active and aware, even after destroying one or two Titans. Had not tried until a few days ago, and it's a blast, a lot of action packed Titan fights with each team determining a strategy and maybe a last ditch effort. The standard Team-Deathmatch mode seems most popular, but does not progress like most other similar game types. It mimics any good storyline; there's a beginning, a middle and an end. The beginning occurs when the game starts and each team jockeys for position, then begins the first few Titan-falls. The action then picks up with more Titans being called in and all out war begins. Once one asserts it's dominance over another, the Epilogue begins, in which one team must get its Pilots to the Dropship before the opposing team destroys said Dropship. 


Overall, Titanfall is a great shooter combining familiar FPS concepts with destruction-dealing Titans. Matches are action packed warzones combing agile pilots and massive titans with varied maps structures. Even with weaker campaign mode, and a nonexistent single-player mode, the game is a blast. It succeeds in a genre which has became over-saturated with similarity and repetition.