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Titan Souls

A Painful New Gameplay Trailer

I had the chance to go hands-on with the crushingly difficult Titan Souls at E3, and it was the closest I’ve come to tossing a controller. Don’t take that to mean I disliked it, though. I absolutely enjoyed the maddening defeats and the sweet, sweet victories.

Titan Souls is a string of brutal boss battles. You’ve got one hit point and one arrow, which you can summon back to you. Success requires fast thinking and even quicker reflexes.

In a new gameplay trailer, you can check out some of the fights we’ve previewed. You’ll have a chance to figure out the patterns and look for the enemy tells in 2015, when the title comes to PlayStation 4, Vita, and PC.

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  • Good to see Dark Souls 2 wasn't the last of the Souls series.
  • I am going to play this until my knuckles bleed.

  • I'll check it out.

  • Well it has Souls in it, I must be a fan.

  • So stoked to play this on my Vita.

  • Sony is milking the Souls series to the last drop. Its funny how people complain too many games seem to take on the most popular aspect of another game and leave creativity behind but when it comes to mechanics they like, are completely oblivious of this phenomena. While I like my challenging games, I sure as hell don't want every game to be that way. Especially ones that include crappy 16bit graphics.
  • This looks like it would end up enraging me.

  • Isn't this already out for PC?
  • Titan Souls: Bongo Bongo Returns