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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14

Tiger 14's Online Country Club Has Its Privileges

Membership at your local golf course may be a little restrictive, but Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 is only getting more inclusive with its online Country Clubs.

Developer EA Tibruon has unveiled some new online features for this year's game aimed at making things bigger and better.

  • The Country Club membership maximum has been raised from 25 members to 100
  • Loyalty Bonus: The more Country Club members who play consecutive days, the bigger the coin rewards
  • Voice chat for Country Club members
  • Match up against other Country Clubs in different weekly events
  • See your Country Club's stats while playing
  • Club vs. Club leaderboards
  • In-game amenities like the visualization of up to 24 ball arcs, instant tourney play, and spectator mode

For more on the game, take a look at our previous preview.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 comes out for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on March 26.

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  • I love the Tiger games. It seems it is the only EA Sports games that actually gets better with each installment. It is just a shame that is isn't coming to the Wii U, since the Wii was the better system last generation for golf games.

  • Hmm, gonna probably cost you an arm and a leg for this kind of club. . .

  • I see.

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  • I can't believe they're at 14.... Does the country club membership cost money?