A lot of sports games these days usually don't do as great as expected. Tiger Woods '11 is a perfect example. It wasn't that great. As an avid golfer and gamer myself, I think I would be perfect to review a game like this. After playing the two previous games, Tiger Woods '12 really impressed me and it was actually an amazing game.

The title of the game says it all. You will create a golfer, and work your way up to the world famous Masters tournament. This mode is rather short, but fun. The good part about it is that you repeat seasons, and if you get a certain amount of Green Jackets, you will get a trophy / achievement. But what kinda sucks about this mode is that a lot of tournaments that you can play in need to be purchased.

You will work your way up through the AM Tour, the Nationwide Tour, Q-School, the PGA Tour, and finally the Masters. Throughout some of these tournaments, you will have the opportunity to compete in practice rounds or sponsorship challenges, which may consist of long drives or a 3-hole mini-game. 

A lot goes on while playing Road to the Masters. Other than winning tournaments, you get sponsored by a few different major brands, and the more you play with a certain brand, your sponsor levels up, which earns new equipment. It's pretty fun, if you ask me, and it will keep you busy.

Speaking of equipment, I was a bit disappointed with the lack of equipment. I didn't see a ton of popular items that you see every day on the PGA Tour. But, if you don't have enough money to buy an item you see in the pro shop, you can always use real money, which isn't really worth it. I wouldn't wanna pay almost a dollar for a set of virtual irons.

Road to the Masters is basically based off of doing good in tournaments and being at the top of the FedEx Cup and EA Sports leaderboards. You really wouldn't wanna be in last place, because you probably wouldn't get far in the game.

Besides Road to the Masters, there are several other game modes to play. You have Tiger at the Masters, which are a series of memorable rounds or moments that Tiger has achieved in previous years. Completing these will again earn you a trophy.

You also have Masters Moments, which again are a series of remarkable moments or shots that different players have made at any Masters tournament. The goal is to beat the moment. Moments can be anything from approach shots to long putts. 

Tiger Woods '12 may have changed, but there a lot of things in the game that haven't changed at all, such as Online mode. It's the exact same as previous games, and I really don't pay attention to it. I'd rather make progress in Road to the Masters.

Don't feel like Road to the Masters anymore? You can always play split screen with a friend. The game features the legendary Augusta National, with 14 other courses, which is rather disappointing. But even though the game has only 14 courses, they are highly detailed and are worth playing again.

The lack of pros is also a problem. Sure, you have Tiger Woods, Luke Donald, and Jim Furyk, but most of the rest are names that are not as popular. I still wish the game had Tour pros such as Phil Mickelson.

The game also has plentiful game modes and mini-games you can play that will keep you busy, so this is nothing to worry about at all.

Something new to the series is the Caddie, which I personally love. Surprisingly, he actually works, and I've even sunken a few Hole-in-Ones with him. Even though your caddie works amazingly, he can even work better, because there are some times where he has no shot suggestion for you. This is called Course Mastery. Everytime you play a course, especially in Road to the Masters, your Course Mastery will gradually go up, and your caddie will be more adapted to that specific course and recommend even better shots.

The Tiger Woods series has previously went a little bit downhill, but I think that Tiger Woods 12' is a come back for the popular golf series. It's a solid game, and it's very realistic. For any golf fan, this game is strongly recommended. The best game in the series yet. 

So grab your driver, tee up your ball, and shoot for the middle of the fairway!