The latest edition to the Golf series is amazing. With the new Road to the Masters the game draws you in. I couldn't quit playing knowing that if I won this tournament I would qualify for another. Or if I won or came in the top 5 one more time I would get my invite to participate in The Masters. The game is very realistic as far the layout and how it works goes, such as the Champions Cup. When you first get on the PGA tour you will have to skip that tournament because you have never won a PGA tour event. Which gives you incentive to play another year. The courses are amazingly accurate and almost just as breath taking as they would be in real life. For the Move owners, it is fun playing with the Move, although it adds a bit of difficulty to the game. When driving the eye will some time lose track of the Motion Controller in the back swing causing your drive to be ugly and sometimes slice horribly, this can also be a problem on Par 3's where accuracy and ball/hit percentage is key. Other than the putting is stellar and the caddie tips are quite helpful as well. The game is amazing and I highly recommend it due to the realness. The only way it could get more in depth was if it showed Tiger's black eye, a bloody iron, and him getting into a wrecked car. ;)