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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10

Electronic Arts makes a very good game with Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 for the Wii.  For those who don't know, Tiger Woods is a golf franchise, and is the first to use the Wiimotion Plus accessory.  The game plays very well and has a lot of stuff to do, however there are also some weak points in the game which keep it from reaching the Wiimotion plus's potential.



In PGA Tour 10, you will take the club (AKA the Wii remote) and try to get the lowest score during course.  The Wiimotion plus is accurate, and works well for the most part.  Swinging the Wii remote feels good, and it's always nice to get that perfect on-the-green shot.  There are a variety of different game modes and tournaments to choose from.  The CAREER mode lets you create a character with a surprisingly large amount of customization.  You perform in tournaments and try to score the lowest.  Or, you can select a large number of game modes (which don't affect your career).  For those who don't know, they can pick the PLAY NOW to start immediately.

While playing the game, and using the Wiimotion plus is fun, there are some issues with playing.  It can be hard to master the shot without always hitting with a draw, and the power can be hard to control sometimes.  However, the worst part is, is simply the act of swinging the wiimote.  After a few hours of playing your arm WILL kill you.




Expect "Wii" graphics.  The characters look slightly blocky, however aren't too bad.  The little cutscene animations are nice, but could be smoother.  There are some weather effects, but they don't really add much to the graphics.  Over all, very average for the Wii.



The usual club sound effects.  The announcers are fine, but don't seem to really have a lot to say.  What they do say, however can get repetitive, but not exactly annoying.



Online has a variety of modes, like play it now, or competing in tournaments.  You can even play in tournaments in real life against the pros, however the advanced only difficulty will probably keep many gamers away.  For the most part, it works well.  The bad thing is that you need to register blah blah blah... Also, when playing against someone else, instead of taking turns golfing, you golf by yourself and all you see is a blue outline of your opponent.  It's cool to see their progress while you golf, but i'd rather watch the real person, not just an outline.


  • Good use of Wii Motion Plus
  • Large variety of courses, game modes, and online tournaments.


  • Doesn't have anything that really "stands out"
  • Overall fairly bland graphics.  They're okay but...



Sure, it's not perfect, but Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 is a solid golf game, and hopefully next year can fix some of the issues that plagued this game.  (Although I don't think the sore arm is something EA can fix...)


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