The Action-Packed Helicopter Shooter Will Hit PlayStation Network In August - Thunder Wolves - PlayStation 3 -
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Thunder Wolves

The Action-Packed Helicopter Shooter Will Hit PlayStation Network In August

Hungarian developer Most Wanted Entertainment and German publisher bitComposer Games will release Thunder Wolves for PlayStation 3 on August 13 through PlayStation Network. The game, which released in May for PC and last month for XBLA, is an ‘80s-influenced helicopter shooter.

Most Wanted and bitComposer have no illusions about Thunder Wolves, and openly state on the PlayStation blog that it doesn’t revolutionize any genres. Instead, the goal is to offer “a little adrenaline-surge rolled up with the perfect after-work stress relief.”

The game allows for both first- and third-person play and features nine helicopter types and thirteen missions. A local co-op mode is also available in which one player acts as gunner and the other as pilot. 

Check out the latest Thunder Wolves trailer below. 

[Source: PlayStation.Blog]

  • Looks like a Dreamcast game......
  • I'm actually totally sold on this, and want to pick it up like crazy. I mean, sure it looks like dumb fun... but really, it's just giving me crazy flashbacks to EA's awesome old "Strike" series. Jungle Strike, Urban Strike, Soviet Strike, Nuclear Strike, etc. Why aren't there more helicopter games? I suppose you could just hijack one in a game like Mercenaries 2 or Just Cause 2 and go on a rampage but... eh. It's not the same. This will have to do!
  • This looks like fun. I may give it a go on release.