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  • Blog Post: Thomas Was Alone: A Charmingly Intelligent Adventure

    Narrative and characterization has rarely been the strong suit of platformers. How often is it that gamers have been given the opportunity to empathize with Mario, Sonic, or Megaman? It is strange, but pleasing, to find such strong characterization in a 2d sidescrolling platformer featuring quadrilaterals... More
  • Blog Post: No Game Is Perfect -- TWA Comes Close

    Thomas Was Alone is an indie puzzle-platformer created by Mike Bithell in which you assume the roles of multiple AI entities who, due to an accident within the server where they exist, have become self-aware. It’s a short little adventure, clocking in around four to five hours at best, but it’s... More
  • Blog Post: Thomas Was Alone [PC]

    The Following Is Actually a Review of the PC Game Version. --- It is immediately clear that Thomas Was Alone is an indie game from the moment you boot it up. I mean, come on, short of Super Hexagon, who makes their 'characters' moving shapes? Regardless, it's this indie charm that ultimately... More
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