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Thomas Was Alone

Minimalist Puzzle/Platformer Shines On Vita & PS3

The PC indie puzzle platformer, Thomas Was Alone, has received much praise since its release last July. The game is now being ported to the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3, so players can solve the multi-character, 2D puzzles on the go. We checked it out at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco and the simple little downloadable surprised us.

The game starts out simple, teaching players how to move a single little box around a stark environment. Eventually more rectangles are added, each of varying heights and jumping abilities. Players swap between the three Lost Vikings-style in order to solve environmental puzzles. Sometimes you’ll have to use one box character as a stepping stool for the other, or as a bridge to cross a gap. The platforming feels fluid and each box’s differing abilities are readily apparent. While the game starts out simple, the complexity of the bite-sized levels evolves into anti-gravity brain-teasers and VVVVVV-esque falling sequences.

A trailer for the PC version.

Thomas Was Alone also stands out thanks to its inventive narrative. An English-accented gentleman adds color to the goings on by describing the nondescript boxes’ personalities. A simple line about two plain-looking boxes resenting one another adds a surprising layer of personality to the visually sterile game.

The game, originally developed by Mike Bithell, will be available digitally on the Vita and PS3 April 30.

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  • Danny freakin' Wallace!

  • Always cool and inspiring to see games like this make their way onto multiple platforms.

  • This looks cool!

  • This looks cool!

  • I have it for PC. I'd highly recommend it! It's fun, and on top of that has a nice, cheerful narration by the guy who plays Shaun in the Assassin's Creed games!

  • That's pretty great!

  • Another awesome indie title for the vita
  • This is an amazing title. I can't wait for more people to play this gem. It's worth every penny.

  • I'm not surprised. It was actually amazing.

  • Great games have been announced for Vita but I already have all of them on PC. What Vita really needs to sell it to me is indie and AAA exclusives.

  • I like how many of these smaller games are being optimized for Vita - which may just be how I end up paying any of them.