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Steal A Peek At 17 Minutes Of Thief Gameplay

Curious about how Thief is shaping up? You're in luck; Square Enix and Eidos Montreal have released a new, 17-minute walkthrough of the game’s “Lockdown” mission to satisfy your curiosity.

“Lockdown” is the game’s first mission after the tutorial, and sees Garrett attempting to make his way back to his clock tower hideout after a heist gone wrong. The walkthrough was recorded on fully optimized AMD hardware – a PC running Windows 7 with 8 gigs of RAM, an AMD FX 8350 CPU, and an AMD Radeon HD 7990 graphics card. The player in the walkthrough, marketing coordinator Jean-Philippe Chicoine, is using an Xbox 360 controller.

You won’t have to wait much longer to start sneaking around in Thief for yourself. The game is releasing on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PC on February 25.

For more on Thief, check out our in-depth coverage of the game here.

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  • Thief stole my heart. It can steal yours for $60 and only the price of one looking into that steely, smoldering eye. Pick those locks of desire folks!

  • ...hehe...the editor has a funny last name.
  • This game snuck up on me, I find myself extremely pumped for this game.

  • Those guards must be on leave from Skyrim.
  • Thief is finally looking closer to the original. Thank gawd they removed the QTE melee stuff and the immersion breaking 3rd person climb camera. I'm a bit worried about the lack of free jump button and supernatural story elements, but if the game is good I can forgive those. Hopefully all the classic Thief fan criticism paid off.

  • Looking forward to this game. Hopefully their won't be too much of a difference for the ps3 version compared to the ps4 since Im still behind.

  • I just watched the whole thing. This game has gone from looking 'meh' to looking like one of the year's potential greats.

  • Got this pre-ordered for my PS4! 11 days!

  • Game reminds me of dishonored....
  • Hmm. That reminds me. I need to place a pre-order on Thief soon.

  • Though I'm still pumped for this, and think it'll do decently at least, I kind of wish they'd been more open with the whole mission layout instead of actually having structured "missions" and such. Though it does seem sort of like ODST in that there is a sort of hub world and then the mission areas and whatnot... Still.

  • Pretty excited for this game.

  • Looking forward to this, looks better every time I see it in action!

  • cant wait for this game

  • Lots of lightning, no thunder. Weird.
  • Now this is a game that I will get for sure Doods, I like the concept of the game as well as the story. The games are coming for next gen!!!!!!!

  • I've been on the fence about this game because I'm not the best 1st person player but I think its going to be a great game...i may have to step out of my comfort zone and buy it

  • Once I get a PS4, I'll definitely pick this up.

  • I am gonna steal soo much stuff when I get this :D

  • Not really looking forward to this. Looks far more akin to Dishonored instead of the original Thief games.
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