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New Trailer Reveals Garrett's Political Side And Game's Release Date

Garrett's a thief alright, but he's more of the Robin Hood sort.

In a long – and dramatic – new trailer, we begin to learn more about Garrett's motivations. As it turns out, he's not too pleased with the leaders of society, and he's showing his disapproval by stealing everything he can get his hands on.

The trailer also reveals that this long-awaited game finally has a firm release date: 2/25/14. That's a while to wait, but this trailer makes it seem like it will be well worth it.

  • i'm looking forward to hearing more about this.

  • Awesome trailer. I've always enjoyed the Thief series and its quirks, and honestly, I like that they're doing a reboot instead of Thief 4. With their other series' such as Tomb Raider doing well in reboot form, Thief is the next logical step to be retaken.

  • It looks epic!

  • Wow, this looks really dark, yet oddly beautiful at the same time.  This will definitely be added to my wishlist!

  • Cool.

  • this makes me want to aquire the previous series so that I may get caught up on the storyline. maybe.

  • just as Arthur replied I'm blown away that a person able to profit $8004 in one month on the computer. did you read this site

  • YES

  • never played the other thief. will be trying this one


  • This game continues to excite.

  • Cool trailer.

  • i got the chills while watching that excited!

  • This is a must have for me.  The slogan alone sold me!!!!!!

  • This game looks simply incredible, I love the dark theme of it, the gameplay I've seen in other posts is solid, & I'm confident the story will be thrilling. Sadly, it'll be a while before I can afford a PS4 and a few games for it.

  • I like Garrett's voice, judging from the trailer. It isn't excessively gravelly like Adam Jensen's, at least.

  • People have been saying that its taking the plot of Dishonored storyline. While it does have the theme of disease in common, I think its different from Dishonored since the disease is not a major element and more like the people are just sick and tired of being stepped on. :P Can't wait to get this game. Why did they have to release this trailer now and the game in February? D:

  • Looks really good.

  • Kewl.

  • Mod

    Thief is looking amazing!