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Thief's VGX Trailer Sets Up The Story

Thief's latest trailer, which premiered during last night's VGX awards, sets up Garrett's story, and why he's made a return.

After losing what appears to be his protege, Garrett must put aside his profit-seeking motivations to do what's right, save the city, and defeat the men in robes.

Thief is coming to PC, Playstation 3 and 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on February 25.

For more on Thief, check out all of our coverage from when the game graced our cover.


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  • Please no.

  • The story looked to be pretty cliche. But the gameplay and world look exciting. Although I am concerned that this might become a Dishonored clone.
  • I'm hoping this game turns out to be good but I'm kind of worried. The graphics look a bit iffy too.
  • I haven't played any of the previous Thief games, but I'm hyped for this one, and the trailer looked interesting.

    Here's hoping.

  • Don't be too quick to judge the story I bet it turns out really interesting. Just reserved and paid this off, can't wait till Feb!!!

  • This game looks better every time I see it! :D Obviously being shown at VGX means an action-packed trailer, but the game as a whole keeps looking great! I'm interested in the story and all of the demos have shown that Eidos Montreal has a firm hand on what made the Thief concept tick to begin with.

  • I thought the gameplay looked really good, so hopefully the story at least compliments it.

  • "After losing what appears to be his protege, Garrett must put aside his profit-seeking motivations to do what's right, save the city, and defeat the men in robes." That's still pretty vague... aww well, I prefer to know less about games before they come out as opposed to more anyway.

  • Why are people being so hard on this game? I'm really excited to play it
  • Can't decide if I should get this game right away for PS3 or wait until I can afford to buy a PS4.
  • I really wish you idiots that keep comparing this game to Dishonored would do a little research. The Thief series has been around for many years, so if anything I'd say that Dishonored is a ripoff of Thief.
  • The new enemy type teased at the end seems like he hides in the shadows just like Garrett. I can picture some intense cat n mouse moments with them being involved.
  • I've been excited about this game every since it made the cover...can't wait

  • So is this a stealth game, or an action game?
  • Looks very similar to Dishonored, but not in a bad way! This game has me pretty excited so I hope it really delivers when February comes around

  • Are they trying to win a cliche award with the story? Is that even a category? Dear lord. We've gone from the pretty cool magic vs science, order vs chaos and progression vs conservation backstory of the game and we're now devolved to hackneyed revenge/loss motivation? (And let me guess: "She's not really dead! She's ....!") And previously didn't they mention a very dishonored-like plague eating away at the city.. sigh.

    I know my opinion isn't worth as much since I seem to criticize the game so much, but every time they release something "new" for the game, I get more and more worried for a beloved franchise.
  • two months is too long to wait!

  • All I need for story is that Imma thief, and I rob people.

  • Yeah, that girl TOTALLY isn't going to be turned into some sort of big bad corrupted by the blue glowy vortex thingy.  Because as we all know, that would be cliched as ***.  

  • The more I see of this, the more I get excited for this game, shaping up to be pretty good in my eyes.

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