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Tiny Trailer Teases Thief

Eidos-Montreal has revealed the first in-engine footage of its upcoming stealth-action game.

Did you see that part where series hero Garrett totally snuffed out that candle? He didn't take any crap from it, just took care of business like a boss. That part was awesome.

For everything else you could possibly want to know about Thief, hit up our exclusive content-filled hub for last month's cover story for video interviews, commentary, and more.

  • Looking well rendered indeed.


  • Is that the real date 4/2/13?
  • I know that part where he snuffed the candle was my favorite too!
  • I'd like see a real trailer, this hardly even counts as one!

    I see that according to the new ESRB trailer rating they are anticipating it to be rated Mature. Nothing I've read indicates that this game will deserve the same age rating as Call of Duty or Far Cry. I will be very disappointed if they add a few gory scenes just to appeal to blood thirsty teenagers.
  • Uh-huh... so post-launch DLC will be the ability to turn candles back on in any color you want?

  • The trailer was originally a second longer, but Eidos decided to cut out the yelp of pain.
  • That candle didn't know what was coming. Now that's what I call stealth.

  • I hope he at least covered his fingertips with a healthy layer of saliva to prevent burning. A thief with burnt fingertips is no good, no good at all.

  • I'm going to assassinate so many candles when this game comes out. They have much to fear.

  • That release date can't be right... Isn't that next week?
  • For those of you wondering about the date, it's the full announcement. This is a trailer for a longer trailer, which we will get on Tuesday. So enjoy the candle-snuffing for now.

    'Cause it's only going to get better.

  • Wooohoooo! next trailer will be 3 minutes of non stop edge-of-your-seat candle snuffing! Maybe he will even blow a few out.......in slow motion!

  • This game will be awesome. I can't wait.

  • I'm hoping this will be a true stealth-action game.  Not much of a trailer to really get the idea across.  Looking forward to additional content.

  • man i want this game!

  • Sweet! From what i've seen, I am expecting to be able to assassinate some oil lamps, or maybe even a chandlier!

  • I'm calling it right now...

    ...the final boss is going to be a multiple stage battle against the family of that candle where you have to find a way around each more challenging candle so you can escape with your life into the rain where they will fizzle out.

    Totally calling it.