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  • Blog Post: Launch Trailer Brings Major Characters Together

    In the run-up to Square Enix’s Thief reboot launching next week, we’ve been introduced to the friends and foes that Garrett will encounter on his adventure. Today, a new trailer helps connect Basso the fence , the Queen of Beggars , and the Thief-Taker General to Garrett. We also see more... More
  • Blog Post: Steal A Peek At 17 Minutes Of Thief Gameplay

    Curious about how Thief is shaping up? You're in luck; Square Enix and Eidos Montreal have released a new, 17-minute walkthrough of the game’s “Lockdown” mission to satisfy your curiosity. “Lockdown” is the game’s first mission after the tutorial, and sees Garrett... More
  • Blog Post: Thief’s Final Stories From The City Trailer Stars A Villain

    Square Enix’s Thief arrives on store shelves (and digital delivery services) in just two weeks. Today, developer Eidos Montreal has shared the third and final Stories from the City trailer detailing the game’s backstory. We’ve met Basso the fence and the Queen of Beggars . Now our attention... More
  • Blog Post: Learn The Basics Of Surviving In Garrett’s World

    Eidos Montreal’s Thief arrives at the end of this month, and if you haven’t been following along with its development, this new trailer is for you. The Thief 101 video below introduces players to Garrett’s world, his foes, and his mission. Thief will offer players a chance to choose... More
  • Blog Post: Thief's Storied Development May Have Helped The Game In The End

    Eidos-Montreal's Thief reboot has had a long and colorful development cycle. Some people have worried about what that means for the finished product, but the team doesn't think its process has been unusual. During an interview at CES 2014, we chatted with Thief's technical art director Jean... More
  • Blog Post: Thief’s Queen Of Beggars Tells A Story Of A City In Peril

    The Queen of Beggars has seen the city rise and fall, but not through her own eyes. Despite being blind, she sees all thanks to the rodents that scurry underfoot. The latest Thief Stories from the City trailer is told from her point of view. How this mysterious old woman fits into Garrett’s world... More
  • Blog Post: Thief's VGX Trailer Sets Up The Story

    Thief's latest trailer, which premiered during last night's VGX awards, sets up Garrett's story, and why he's made a return. After losing what appears to be his protege, Garrett must put aside his profit-seeking motivations to do what's right, save the city, and defeat the men in... More
  • Blog Post: Learn More About The Lockdown Mission

    Square Enix and Eidos Montreal have revealed some new details and screenshots for an early level in Thief. In the level, called Lockdown, main character Garrett must make his way toward his hideout in a city locked down in order to control an uprising from the population. Players are able to learn more... More
  • Blog Post: Stories From The City Video Series Kicks Off Today

    Square Enix and Eidos-Montréal will be sending Garrett out into the streets in just under four months. Today, the pair have released the first narrative-focused video in the Stories from the City series. This trailer is narrated by Basso, safecracker turned fence. He’s anti-hero Garrett’s... More
  • Blog Post: Hands-On With Thief's Non-Traditional Control Scheme

    If there's one thing we can say about our hands-on time with Thief, it's that Garrett moves unlike any other character I've controlled. That's not to say he performs unnatural feats, though. It's just that the Eidos Montreal has devised a control scheme that takes some getting used... More
  • Blog Post: See Garrett In Action In New Thief Trailer

    Thief is coming back in 2014, and Square Enix and Eidos-Montreal have delivered a new trailer. The footage below shows Garrett in action, infiltrating a manor and stealing everything of value in sight. Thief will be out on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PC on Februrary 25, 2014... More
  • Blog Post: Square Enix Announces Digital Master Thief Edition

    Eidos Montreal and Square Enix are teaming up to breathe new life into the Thief series with next year's reboot of the classic first-person stealth series. Ultra sneaky players can avoid being spotted at retail shops altogether by opting to download a special digital version of the PC build when... More
  • Blog Post: Crack The Safe In Bank Heist Pre-Order Mission

    Thief is coming back next year, but Square-Enix wants you to pre-order now. The publisher has revealed an exclusive pre-order bonus mission today that challenges players to break into a bank and make off with the loot. In the trailer below, you'll get a feel for the challenges that await Garrett... More
  • Blog Post: Thief's Narrative Director Tells Us A Story About Garrett

    Portraits hang on the wall of the small interview room in which I met Thief's narrative director. Steven Gallagher. It starts like any other appointment, but something about this one is different. I'm tired after three days of back-to-back meetings, but Gallagher holds my attention fast. He isn't... More
  • Blog Post: Garrett Reemerges At Gamescom With New Screens & Artwork In Tow

  • Blog Post: New Trailer Reveals Garrett's Political Side And Game's Release Date

    Garrett's a thief alright, but he's more of the Robin Hood sort. In a long – and dramatic – new trailer, we begin to learn more about Garrett's motivations. As it turns out, he's not too pleased with the leaders of society, and he's showing his disapproval by stealing... More
  • Blog Post: What Playing Thief Taught Me About Stealing

    A thief's hands need to be nimble and delicate in order to pull off a robbery, but a gamer's just need to have a firm grip on the controller. That's just the first of several educational points I took away from my hands-on time with Thief. Not every lesson was useful, but they all shape the... More
  • Blog Post: Five Thief Screenshots Show Stealth, Action, Fire

    Square Enix published a few new shots of its upcoming next-gen stealth game. You can see some of the impressive environments you'll be sneaking through when Thief comes out next year in the screen gallery below, or watch the E3 trailer released earlier to see Thief in action. Visit our E3 News Headquarters... More
  • Blog Post: Tiny Trailer Teases Thief

    Eidos-Montreal has revealed the first in-engine footage of its upcoming stealth-action game. Did you see that part where series hero Garrett totally snuffed out that candle? He didn't take any crap from it, just took care of business like a boss. That part was awesome. For everything else you could... More
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